Monday, 4 May 2015


For the last three years, absurdly handsome twenty year old American muscle boy Cody Montgomery has championed at the NPC Teen Nationals (the only bodybuilder to ever do so in it's history)! This July, however, Cody will be stepping on stage at the NPC USA's where he's hoping to win his pro card.

Cody always competes in the sickest shredded condition so I can not fucking wait to see what he brings to the show. Below are some recent pics of Cody looking impressively pumped and huge (I especially love the first pic where's he's blasting that side chest looking so pumped up hes about to burst!) a few months out from the competition, along with a few photo shoot pics which have recently emerged.

For anyone who caught the last part of my "Charlie's Secret" story it will probably come as no surprise that Cody was the main inspiration behind the Justin Hughes character, a ridiculously gorgeous and incredibly popular young American bodybuilder with an insane Internet following who happens to be the most shockingly shredded guy in the pump room (full on bonkers Christmas tree, serratus so shredded you could grate cheese on the fuckers, crazily feathered quads with lines and rips you never knew existed...the works!), with the biggest notable difference being that Justin's glutes are about twice as thick and inhumanely ripped as Mr Montgomery's (one of the few areas Cody doesn't really wow me in, but he's only young so I'm hopeful. Little tip for you Cody: MORE SQUATS)!!


  1. No doubt Cody Montgomery is an inspiration, but I pictured another Cody to be Justin Hughes. More pumped and just fucking huge (including legs) would be Cody Lewis from Modesto, CA.
    Funny thing, I was thinking about Charlie today and how much I am ready for the next part of Charlie's Secret.


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