Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Here are some of the things you'll find in the second of this month's muscle pic collections...

- Beyond gorgeous German bodybuilder Roman Fritz in an incredible abs and thighs shot!

- American bodybuilder Chris Tuttle hitting some poses in his kitchen in a pair of tiny red posers, then later tearing up the stage and cranking out some most musculars with his mouth outrageously and animatedly wide open like an absolute fucking nutter (hehe)!

- British muscle daddy James Llewellin in the craziest, driest, grainiest (FAWWWK!!), "God my eyes hurt!" condition!!

- Canadian muscle boy Dana Baker looking huge while blasting a front lat spread. Chest up, lats flared, his beautifully sweeped and impressively thick wheels on full display!

- Some young, thick and shredded European bodybuilder with sweat trickling down his stacked abs and into the front of his shiny purple posers as he cranks an abs and thighs on stage!

- American pro bodybuilder Juan Morel on stage looking more unbelievably fucking monstrous than he ever has!!

- Something utterly adorable munching on the bottom of his lifted black t shirt as he shows off his tight, ripped blocks of rather gorgeous ab muscle for the camera.


  1. Ohhhhhh, lick the screen for Santi, Sam, Raciel and Dana. Great post Addict.

  2. Muscleaddict, who is #31? Damn!!!

  3. More Chris Tuttle, please! He looks so mild mannered and even a little geeky. Then this total BEAST emerges on stage. And his tiny orange posers with the python-skin detailing at his most recent show?! Whoa, dude!


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