Saturday, 2 May 2015


I'm doing something slightly different with the blog this month. Instead of my usual one big muscle pic collection I'll be posting a series of much smaller collections, with other posts of various sizes sandwiched in between!

As most of you probably know I don't really do small posts, so this will be a sort of experiment to see how I get on with blogging a slightly different way, and also to see how smaller posts are received! Hopefully it will give the blog a bit more variety too and offer something different, if only for this month!

So here goes with the first collection, featuring an always gorgeous and nicely ripped (and getting more ripped by the day!) Johnny Doull just a few months out from stepping on stage at the 2015 Canadian Nationals, a new shot of James Flex Lewis looking typically pumped and sporting a slightly (and rather sexy!) furry chest and tummy (hehe!), astonishingly handsome American physique competitor Logan Franklin taking a picture of his gorgeously shredded physique in the mirror, Justin Compton stretching out a blue t-shirt and looking positively monstrous (LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING ARMS!!) and a bonkers shot of a muscle boy pulling up his shirt to reveal his dry as fuck, paper thin skin covered, freakishly fucking vein splattered abdominals!


FUCK!! Loving the gorgeous shaped, crazy shredded eight (fucking EIGHT!) pack abs on this rather adorably cute muscle lad (I love how regular sized the rest of him looks too)!

One word: RUFF!!

Head of a self-confessed geeky Science teacher. Body of a gorgeously ripped up muscle freak.


  1. who is the guy in the black tank top?

  2. Shorter? Damn that was more than satisfying for me, Addict! Who, pray tell, is Mr. RUFF? And can I get me one NOW?

    1. That's an Australian bodybuilder called Andy Bell!

  3. Really great collection Addict, with some of the most gorgeous muscled studs out there, which are some of my favorites. Thanks and a great post.

  4. WHO ON EARTH is that guy with the beautiful brown eyes and bulging man-cleavage in picture 14!!?!! Google Images was no help. That boy puts the tank in tank top!!!

  5. For those of you asking who the gorgeous guy spilling out of the black tank top is, he's a Dutch guy called Tavi Castro!


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