Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Here are some reasons why young Egyptian bodybuilder Galal Reda (also known as "Big Galal"!) deserves his own blog post...

- HE'S BLOODY GORGEOUS!! Possessing some incredibly handsome and masculine woof worthy looks, Galal is one seriously sexy fucker (and I LOVE the uber-hot hairdo and facial fuzz)!

- THREE WORDS: THOSE FUCKING ABS!! So uniquely shaped, gorgeously peeled and shredded and just plain fucking beautiful looking! They barely look real in some of the pics, almost looking, instead, as if someone's stuck them on to his stomach!

- Those incredibly huge, ridiculously pumped biceps which look phenomenal blown up into a front double bicep!

- The rest of the gloriously pumped, beautifully shaped, impressively sized muscle bulging off his pint sized (GOD I love my pint sized short arsed bodybuilders..hehe!!) frame!


  1. They really know what ther're doing with color to enhance the already dark skin of a gorgeous muscle bull, like the russians and most europeans. I can't remember Addict, it you have ever done a post on the most magnificent muscled stallion from India, SANGRAM CHOUGULE. WOW!!!!! Great post. Thanks.

  2. A new bod to me. Apparently good stage presence. Neat line in posers, too - green and shiny (unusual choice?) and bluish/purple?? Egyptian bbs always do it well.


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