Wednesday, 27 May 2015


In about seven weeks time, Canadian muscle boys Dana Baker and Johnny Doull will be slipping into their shiny posing trunks and stomping on stage at the 2015 Canadian Nationals, where Johnny will no doubt blow the audience away with his shredded fucking conditioning and Dana will be cranking out his poses displaying his usual cocky tude (the dude is physically incapable of blasting a crab most muscular on stage without sticking his tongue out)!

Until then they're busy getting as outrageously pumped as possible and showing off their increasingly ripped mass (does Dana ever *not* look like he's having an absolute blast when he's flexing?)! Photographic evidence of which is here, along with a host of other shots of these two insanely awesome Canadian bodybuilders flexing, posing, and showing the world their incredible and insanely developed muscle-packed physiques in this special pic collection!

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