Saturday, 30 May 2015


Some insanely hot new shots of ridiculously sexy Canadian muscle boy Johnny Doull, a new pic of gorgeous Egyptian muscle bull Galal Redal blowing up his beautifully thick biceps, Dana Baker flexing and posing in his shiny purple posers, some shredded to fuck European lads battling it on stage on brilliantly cheeky fashion and the return of outrageously awesome Kiwi muscle beast Steve Orton. They're all featured here in the last of this month's pic collections!

As previously explained, I tried something slightly different with the blog this month, whereby instead of posting one big pic collection, I posted a series of much smaller ones. I think I'll be going back to the old format next month but I won't rule out posting smaller collections as and when the mood takes me. Let me know your thoughts and preferences in the poll below! On a final note I won't be updating the blog over the next few weeks so I'll see you guys soon.


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