Saturday, 18 April 2015


Here are ten of the many things you'll find in this latest muscle packed pic collection...

#1. An always gorgeous Johnny Doull a few months out from his next competition taking a cheeky pic of himself in nothing but boxer shorts, abs nicely seeping through his tummy, meaty quads flaring out, and a very light dusting of fur covering his impressively pumped chest!

#2. A close up shot of one of British bodybuilder Anth "The Freak" Bailes' insatiably thick, insanely pumped, vein decorated paper thin skin covered pecs!!

#3. Another outrageously hot pic of Canadian muscle hottie Samuel Dixon cranking a back double bicep, his gorgeously developed and ridiculously thick glutes blowing out of his insanely hot golden coloured posing trunks!!

#4. A brand new "Face Scruncher of the Month" in the form of a rather handsome and adorable looking European lad with awesome tatts and gorgeously stacked abs!

#5. Some new shots of Canadian woofster Antoine Vaillant cranking out some awesome most musculars while looking impressively thick and ever so slightly furry (hehe)!

#6. An off season and typically handsome Cody Montgomery blowing his ridiculously huge biceps up for the camera in the gym!

#7. A rather adorable young Belgain bodybuilder with crazily shredded quads and an insane cheese grater midsection who also happens to be the owner of the current...

#8. "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month" due to his gloriously thick, ridiculously developed and beautifully ripped ass!

#9. A downright fucking MONSTROUS Justin Compton blasting a massive muscle exploding most muscular in the gym mirror!

#10. THREE eager contenders for a new title known as the "Most Outrageously Cocky Poser of the Month" (hehe) who are all flexing out on stage with *the* most over the top cheeky and in your face cocky facial expressions you can imagine!!

OK hands up who wants a squeeze...


God I love those trunks! GOD I LOVE THAT ASS!!

The outrageously thick, gorgeously developed, freakishly detailed ass of insanely cute American muscle boy Bryan Balzano (remember him?!)

OK let's see...slightly wonky but rather adorable looks, gorgeously shaped and gloriously peeled abs, breathtakingly detailed and beautiful serratus and intercostals, thick, shredded, vein encrusted quads...yep, rather liking this young Belgian bodybuilder! One question begs to be asked are the glutes??

And the answer? Big, thick and striated to buggery. FUCK YEAH!! Which makes him a very new worthy winner of the title of...

 "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month"!! That crazy Christmas tree sitting about his ass devouring posing trunks isn't bad either (branches for fucking days)!!

And now for the current "Face Scruncher of the Month"! Sexy fucking bugger isn't he?!

FUCK look at this big Gruffy McWoofster of a muscle daddy!!

Introducing...the world's first human cheese grater!!

Cute, adorable and slightly goofy (hehe!) looks, crazily shredded quads, and a million fucking freak show veins running riot underneath his paper thin skin!!

The young adorable "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month" owning Belgian muscle boy is back, looking just as outrageously pumped and gorgeously ripped as before (that really is one seriously fucking impressive physique)! Oh and his name's Raouf El-Bey Chanseddine (seems to be the most popular of a dozen variations of his name!) if anyone's interested!

Bicep blown up to fuckity fucking FUCK (LOVE that bonkers split)!

Can we make "adorable" the official buzzword for this post, cause it seems to apply to almost every fucker here!!

Love the big blocky abs popping through this lad's tum-tum!

Blow 'em up Cody!! Definitely the biggest I've ever seen Mr Montgomery looking!

At the risk of sounding like a total perv, I can't help thinking Branch would be a total fucking power bottom for Kevin (hehe)!!

And now to allocate the title of "Most Outrageously Cocky Poser of the Month"! The first hot contender of which is this cheeky bugger...

...who has some very close competition from THIS rather aggressive looking fucker (Jesus...the fucking TUDE on this guy!!)...

...but neither of which can quite live up to this third contender, and eventual winner, whose crazy, cheeky and brilliantly animated facial expressions just have that little extra something (which also probably warrants him a place in the nearest nut house but hey ho)!!


You can open your mouth and roar like a lion at the audience all you like mate, the "Most Outrageously Cocky Posers of the Month" has been decided and I'm not budging one bit. Nope!

Really not sure what I'm loving most here! The cheeky/goofy look on this lad's (cute) face as he cranks it, that beautifully chiselled drum tight skin covered tummy, the bonkers rips and shreds in those feathered fucking quads or that unapologetically big bright shiny red trunk covered bulge!!

Anyone for a "Most Freakishly Vein Splattered Guy of the Month"?! FUCK!!

Yep, we all know you've got gorgeous shredded abs and crazily conditioned serratus, but what we really wanna see are those thick, ripped, insanely hot title winning glutes again...



For anyone who wants to know, Steffen Gerhard is the name of this incredibly sexy German muscle daddy!

If you wanna break that world record of fitting as many grown men into one kitchen as possible Dana I'm afraid you're gonna have to find some regular sized non-bodybuilding friends!!

And THAT expression is exactly why you're the current "Most Outrageously Cocky Poser of the Month"! Outrageous, funny and just plain fucking mental!!



Who doesn't love a pair of tan wrecked mucky pup posing trunks?!


  1. Love that ass in number 9 photo and then Bryan Balzano . Collection 44 is unbelievable. Von Moger looks huge on the beach!
    Always outdoing yourself, MA. THANKS

  2. Addict--dam great post again. 1. the last pic -I've never seen posers with v-shaped "cleavage" in the back -woof. 2. Samuel Dixon-you love those poser you love that ass- I'm right behind you buddy to get right behind him- clean up when you are finished cause I like a clean work surface and those glutes/ass/monster mountains of man flesh need detailed working over. 3. "Our" new crush of the month Raouf=BOING AND SLURP AND POST THOSE GLUTES AND BODY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT TO- WE WILL NOT COMPLAIN--BECAUSE DAMMIT YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN-HOT,NEW,MUSCLE LUST IN A PERFECT PACKAGE. THANK YOU-WITH HUGS AND KISSES FOR YOUR DEDICATION. WOOF BABY.

  3. So where is Bryan Balzano now? You're not keeping him in your attic are you Addict? I work out too naturally but the striations in some of these guys glutes defies just doing rep after rep of deep squats. There must be a secret- shhh just whisper it to me how do I get bulging mind blowing bonker crazy succulent ass meat like these guys. And this muscle post is crazy hot btw--moanfully blissful bodybuilder Eden.

  4. Great post Addict and I see you have one shot of Florian Poirson, just won the IFBB Jr. Mr. France but can't find many pics of him, maybe you can. He is 22 and among our list of the most gorgeous young muscled dreams out there. Thanks.


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