Monday, 13 April 2015


Here are five reasons why Bulgarian bodybuilder Radolsav Angelov (never heard of him?! Me neither until recently!) deserves his own blog post...

#1. His rather gorgeous and undeniably sexy looks!

#2. His insatiably thick and ridiculously pumped muscle tits.

#3. His gorgeous shaped and brilliantly peeled abs which pop through his drum tight skin covered tummy.

#4. The rest of his impressively sized, insanely thick and brilliant beefy physique!

#5. The cheeky facial expressions and rather cocky (gotta love those naughty tongue shots - hehe!) tude he adopts when he's cranking out and showing off his incredible physique.


  1. OMFG Addict, what a find !!!!!!! He's absolutely magnificent. He looks to be mid 20's and the incredible thickness, non-bloated massive hardness is mindblowing, not to mention his adorable, young goodlooks. Everything is WOW, massive full round bis, forearms like veiny treetrunks and those pecs, you could play on those mountains all night and never reach the other side. I could go on but I won't, he is just total cream material. Thanks for the find.

  2. I've ever heard of him but I can't imagine he's belgium.

    I set a pic of him in my blog last month :

  3. Great body on this 25 year old that competes in the 80kg range. It's been his life ambition since he said he started lifting at the age of five. Hope to see more of him when he competes this June in Spain. Not the tallest tree in the forest, but well stocked.


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