Friday, 3 April 2015


WARNING: This post contains no freakishly vein splattered slabs of monstrously huge muscle mass, no superhuman sized muscle groups flexed and squeezed to the absolute fucking max in traditional bodybuilding poses, no displays of outrageously cocky muscle posing (tongues out, faces scrunched, mouths open...FUCK YEAH!) and no pairs of super shiny, indecently tiny, brilliantly coloured posing trunks!

WARNING #2: This post does contain a lot of big hair!

This is a bit of a first for the blog. A post dedicated not to a bodybuilder, but to a pro men's physique competitor! Normally I don't tend to give physique guys a massive amount of attention because, probably like the vast majority of you guys, while they clearly have amazing physiques, most of them don't stir up even half of the feelings that ridiculously huge (WOOF), inhumanely fucking shredded (FUCK YEAH) bodybuilders flexing and squeezing in their brightly coloured minuscule posing trunks (PANT PANT PANT) do! However, one particular physique competitor by the name of Logan Franklin has caught my attention recently more than any other physique competitor ever has. Here's why...

a) He's absolutely fucking gorgeous. Ridiculously so!

b) He has a gorgeous physique to match, which is not only packing in some impressively sized muscle, but also happens to be...

c) Gloriously fucking shredded and beautifully conditioned when he's in competition! We're talking cheese grater abs, anatomy chart serratus and striated pecs!


As much as I do like him though, the hardcore muscle addict in me can't help wondering what Logan would look like if he gave up the physique competitions, unleashed in his inner muscle freak, packed on some serious fucking mass, climbed into a pair of insanely hot, shiny golden posing trunks (Sam Dixon might let you borrow his if you ask nicely Logan!), and stomped on stage as a shockingly shredded light heavy to heavyweight bodybuilder, tearing the place up by flexing, cranking and showing off his newly pumped, shockingly huge, crazily shredded slabs of freakishly developed muscle mass while pulling all sorts of shamelessly cocky Santi Aragon/David Paterik-esque facial expressions!! The hair can stay the same if you want though Logan!

Logan might not be to everyone's taste here, not all of you may approve of my choice to dedicate a post to him, and I don't intend to start a habit of featuring more physique competitors on the blog, but I like to throw a curve ball with my posts every now and then and do something a little different and something tells me there's still going to be a fair amount of appreciation for this insanely hot, ridiculously handsome, gorgeously muscled guy! Maybe I should do a post dedicated to an absolutely monstrous, grotesquely vascular, outrageously cocky nightmare of a muscle freak next to balance things out. Any suggestions on who?!


  1. Come on Logan swap those swimshorts for posing trunks!!! ;)

    1. I agree he needs to take it up a notch. Like Greg Plitt said to him, you are still younger than I and yet be this good.
      Logan's body screams and keeps getting better. MA, better keep a watch on this cutie.

  2. I'm not going to repeat what you already described Addict. He's just so fucking GORGEOUS that his parents gene pool must be off the charts. I also love tasteful TATS on a young stunning, muscled god like him. Great post Addict. Really love the shots of him in his great choice of muscle packed briefs. WOW!!!!!! Thanks.

  3. the question is not to know if we approve a post dedicace to Logan, but how many post dedicace to Logan must you make ?

  4. He's certainly a pretty boy, well muscled and RIPPED to shreds ... but, oh dear!! ... those awful, AWFUL boardshorts!!! Please, NO. has he no self respect, yet such a clean physique? Get him into posers far less decent than anything shown here.

  5. Nice legs considering his stupid board shorts cover up nearly everything in competition. Dude need to force the IFBB to allow boxer briefs or briefs into the fitness division competitions...


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