Saturday, 14 March 2015


This post is dedicated to a very dear muscle addict mate of mine. I've encountered quite a few like minded muscle lovers over the years, some I've met in person, others have been kept online, some have sent me long, brilliant, funny, well written emails, others brief but sweet messages on Facebook and YouTube (which I appreciate too!), some I met and felt like I'd been friends with for years, others were a little awkward and we didn't quite gel, some came from the other side of the world, others lived a few tube stops away, some were strictly platonic, others not so much, some were kind, genuine and good hearted, others revealed their characters to be a little less savoury, but there's one guy who has remained loyal and consistent, who's funny, creative, considerate, ever so slightly bonkers (hehe!), doesn't take himself, or the muscle thing too seriously, and most importantly, just loves to chat about muscle and have fun with it in the same way that I do! And if you like this post, you have him to thank as I wouldn't even know about the guy featured if it weren't for him!

So there I was last Saturday morning, nursing a slight hangover with a cup of tea from my monster sized Harry Potter mug (erm...why are you laughing? I'm being deadly serious!) when PING! an email notification comes through on my phone (remember the days when we had to physically sit at our PC's to check our emails? Madness!). It's from my muscle addict mate. YAY! Subject: "Three quick slabs of Saturday morning beef". LOVE IT! "1. It's the Arnold!". Yep, yep. #2. TERRIBLE NEWS!!! Some fucking massive monster of sweaty tracksuit-clad BEEF ate Cody Montgomery!!" (vid attached). Hehe! Awesome! #3. If you like your muscle lads geeky/cute (I do!), ripped to the fucking BONE (FUCK YEAH!) and with biceps the same size as most people's heads (PANT PANT PANT!), look no further my friend." Hmmm…very intrigued and kind of excited! So I clicked on the proceeding YouTube video link in the email and OH. MY. FUCKING. SHITTING. BUGGERING. GOD!!! 

Filling up my laptop screen (phone screens are just waaaay too small for watching muscle vids!) was a young natural American bodybuilder by the name of Doug Miller, with sexy as fuckity FUCK looks, pumping away at the gym and flexing his insanely huge, incredibly thick, ridiculously dry, gloriously fucking striated muscle mass for the camera. FUCK! FUCK! FUCKING FUCK FUUUUUCK!!!

To say I've been loving this lad ever since would be a fucking understatement!! This is why a) I love my mate just a teenie bit more than I did before last Saturday morning and b) I'm now trying to figure out how the HELL we're gonna cover up the insanely sized slabs of muscle bulging off Doug's frame for when I take him home to meet Granny Addict next week. I'm really not sure we're gonna be able to do it Doug and I'm afraid this might finish the old croan off for good. Ahhh well, she's had a good innings…

- His brilliantly thick (check out the crazy side triceps shots for the proof…FAAAWWK!!), beautifully pumped, insanely striated pecs!!

- His crazily conditioned back!! Look at the lumps, bumps and detail when he cranks those back double bicep poses, and the bonkers, dry as a bone conditioning in his lower back. FUCK YEAH!! 

- Those brutally thick and awesomely shredded quads!

- The six lovely shaped, gorgeously peeled ab blocks popping through his onion peel skin.

- That freakishly striated, line plastered fucking ass!! FUCK YEAH GLUTES!!

- Those outrageously huge, massively pumped, ridiculously developed guns (those things are fucking insane!!) which look slightly (but brilliantly!) out of proportion with the rest of his physique and look their absolute best when he's cranking out…

- Those massive/mental/beyond awesome crab most musculars!! Hands down Doug's signature pose, and it's not hard to see why. The way his biceps just EXPLODE when he cranks down is just incredible! It really is like something from another world, and I LOVE the cheeky/"God this feel so good"/"Look at me. I'm a fucking FREEEEAK" facial expressions he pulls when he's blasting those bad boy's out. FUCK YEAH DOOOUUUUG!!

Whether or not you guys will like him quite as much as my mate and I do I'm not entirely sure. Dedicating posts to bodybuilders previously not featured on the blog has always been a bit hit and miss. You guys went nuts for Dave Paterik and Samuel Dixon, but there's other such lad's whose posts produced no comments (poor cute/goofy Daniel Sticco and his insane triceps!) so this is gonna be an interesting one!




And here's that aforementioned video my mate sent me which introduced me to Doug in the first place. I LOVE the way he fucking slams into that insane side tricep at 1:13 like KA-BOOM!

A video of Doug doing his stuff on stage and beautifully displaying those incredible crab most musculars he clearly fucking LOVES to blast out...

And even better is this video of Doug posing against his competitors, where (again) the best moment comes when he's cranking out those mental crab most musculars!!


  1. OMFG! What's there not to like about this dude? Massive shoulders, pumped arms, and great chest...Not to mention, he is very handsome.

  2. Well you know I admire your taste- the trouble is your fickelness -last week you were bonkers over Santi Aragon and the week before that it was Samuel-- pant -slurp-marry me muscle meat and I'll buy you a tropical island--Dixon. Well Addict at least you are consistent in your failure to commit -- oh and present us with another object to lust over with you.

    1. I'm still bonkers for Santi Aragon and Samuel "LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY ASS IN MY SHINY GOLDEN POSERS" Dixon too! ;)

  3. I prefer Doug in his "younger days" (like in the 3 last pics) than now

  4. May I say your muscle-mate has superb taste! Doug is a dream come true, gorgeous in the most adoable way, cheeky/cocky in his awesome attitude and posing, and ripped to shreds and then some! As an arm fanatic, those meat-cannons that hang down at his sides like two bulging/rippling/glistening tree-trunks make me feel sick to my stomach.....sick that I don't have those glorious peaks myself or, at least, to worship/fondle all day long! Another wonderful post MA, and personally I think your varied and ever-evolving taste in beef is one of the things which keeps this blog so fresh, new and, above all, HORNY!!! Thanks! :-)

  5. I've been nuts over Doug for years, when you talk young, stunning, muscled male perfection, that's Doug. His condition is always totally off the charts, always the perfect tan, cranks out poses like nobody else and did you ever see a smile that lights up the whole stage like his, simply magnificent. Great post as always Addict and I too love Santi and Samuel as well.

  6. He's a hamstring monster, one of a select few.
    No doubt, his hotness is second-to-none.

  7. Awesome choice!! Doug did a video with Strengthnet-- .


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