Tuesday, 3 March 2015


A few months ago I put a survey on the blog in an attempt to gather some of your opinions, thoughts and preferences on the blog, my posts and muscle in general. One of the questions asked what your favourite type of posts were. My muscle pic collections received the most votes, followed by posts dedicated to specific bodybuilders, and the third most voted for my "bodybuilders posing at home" posts!

I haven't done one of these for a while, but now I know how much you guys like them I'm going to make an effort to post these more regularly, starting with this collection which features ridiculously hot Canadian muscle boy Johnny Doull taking pics of himself in his undies, a slightly furry and typically gorgeous (under-fuckin-statement!) Santi Aragon taking a pic of his outrageously huge looking off season physique in the mirror, multiple pics of absurdly cute Polish muscle boy Piotr Borecki (I especially love the pics of him in his living room with his pants round his ankles cranking his gorgeously shredded muscle for the camera and scrunching like an absolute nutter) and a slightly (and adorably!) chubby faced (hehe) off season Samuel Dixon!

I've also decided to give you guys the chance to vote for the next post on the blog by way of the below poll! All of the options are ideas I've had for posts at some point, some of which I'm quite keen to do and will no doubt be posted sometime in the future while others I haven't given a massive amount of thought to and will probably never come to light!

I'm not sure who has more fun with these polls, you guys or me(!) but I can't wait to see which option receives the most votes for this particular poll as I feel the votes could swing a number of ways!



  1. Addict- Woof on this post -lot's of stud muscle you've never shown before-- I repeat Woof. Now may I alert you to major muscle/ heavy meat competition via Russian Cup and Peak Bodybuilding Challenge 2014-- If you have not seen it- you're gonna love it. Hey about a post on super heavyweights in tiny posers


  3. Ahhh, gotta love these lads enjoying a quick flex in their undies around the house! Making the dinner, hmm yeah think I can manage a couple of shots before the pan catches fire. Just doing some washing, damn got nothing to wear but my posing trunks, oh well suppose I should do what it says on the tin. Getting ready for work/the gym, oh go on then might as well flex a few shots. Sorting my room out, hey mirror how you doing? Not seen you for 5 minutes! You want me to pose for you?? Alright then. Damn I do look good. Yeah, flex, pose, crunch, god I DO look don't I?? I'll just....MUM!!! Can you knock next time please??!! Bloody hell can't a muscle man flex in PEACE??!
    Great pics matey, keep these kind of shots coming!! ;)

  4. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I just love these posts of the most gorgeous young specimens of male perfection in their natural habitat. Santi with body hair and that stunning heavy beard and of course the most adorable young muscle stud, Piotr. WOW!!!!! Great post Addict. Thanks.

  5. Ehh, ive seen bigger and better


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