Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Some of the biggest muscle monsters in bodybuilding (including a fair few blog regulars and favourites) stepped on stage last weekend at the 2015 Arnold Classic. Here are 15 things from the show that could potentially make a muscle addict suddenly cry out "OH FUUUUUUCK"…

#1. Justin Compton's insanely HUGE, gloriously striated, line decorated GLUTES!! God what an ASS!!

#2. Every other inch of Justin's monstrously huge, brutally thick, insanely dense muscle mass!!

#3. Dexter Jackson's ear lobe intruding TRAPS!! FAAAWWKK!! Look at the fucking size of those things erupting off his neck as he cranks those incredible crab most musculars!! God yeah!

#4. Ben "Pacman" Pakulski's (good to see you back mate!) shiny purple trunk covered bulge!!

#5. Roelly Winklaar's fucking facial expressions when he hits his most musculars. Outrageous, cocky, and just plain fucking BONKERS!

#6. Ben "Pacman" Pakulski's tongue (good to see THAT back too)!!

#7. The crazy veins in Evan Centopani's ass!


#9. Hideta Yamigishi's big, thick, posing trunk gobbling glutes!!

#10. Everything and anything about that cheeky little 'tude packed muscle monkey Aaron Clark!


#12. Eduardo Correa's huge, thick, mammoth sized fucking TITS which I'd give my left arm to see dancing up and and down in a pec bounce!!

#13. Eduardo Correa's gorgeously peeled tummy popping abs!

#14. Eduardo Correa's inhumanely ripped and fantastically feathered quads!! LOOK. HOW. FUCKING. SHREDDEEEEEDDD!!


And now some pics of the lads in action, starting with the incredible line up of competitors from the men's open class, with an insane looking DEXTER JACKSON (will this guy ever stop competing?) beating runner up BRANCH WARREN, who looked as monstrous, grainy and vascular as ever, and 3rd placed competitor JUSTIN COMPTON looking more incredibly huge than he ever has, to win the title.



4th place was awarded to a monstrous looking CEDRIC MCMILLAN, EVAN CENTOPANI who was anticipated to place a little higher in the lead up to the show had to settle with 5th, and an insanely huge and down right fucking freaky looking ROELLY WINKLAAR earned himself 6th place, while displaying the same over the top cocky and down right fucking outrageous attitude he usually does!




A phenomenally thick BRANDON CURRY was awarded 7th place, while just behind him in 8th was Canadian muscle monster and old blog favourite BEN "PACMAN" PAKULSKI. Russian muscle beast VITALY FATEEV came in 9th (LOVE those outrageous facial expressions he's pulling as he cranks those brutal most musculars!) and seasoned pro TONEY FREEMAN completed the top 10, while just outside in 11th was MARIUS DOHNE (Fun fact: I once sat opposite this guy on the tube after a show in London. Even though he was fully clothed he still looked fucking huge, and barely any of the other passengers could take their eyes off him)! A typically huge LIONEL BEYEKE placed 12th, while the final place went to Greek muscle daddy MICHAEL KEFALIANOS, who I still love, despite not featuring him much on the blog in recent years!



And some comparisons and posedown shots from the men's open class competitors...

Over in the 212 class, 1st place went to a full, thick JOSE RAYMOND who was as insanely grainy and excessively vascular as always, with the awesome pint-sized HITEDA YAMAGISHI in the runner-up position (check out the pic of his big thick ass just completely devouring the back of his shiny blue posing trunks)! Ridiculously gorgeous EDUARDO CORREA tensed his inhumanely shredded quads (those things never cease to fucking amaze me!) and crunched his fantastically peeled abs into 3rd place, with blog favourite AARON CLARK, who didn't look quite as super sliced and insanely shredded as normal but still looked fucking incredible and was displaying his usual over the top cocky and power-packed fucking tude (fuck yeah Aaron!), just behind in 4th!


5th place was awarded to a shockingly huge and ridiculously thick CHARLES DIXON (the dude is a serious fucking beast!), while a monstrous looking CORY MATTHEWS completed the top six placed bodybuilders. 7th place went to a nicely conditioned MARCO RIVERA, while the last two remaining spots were awarded to SHAUN JOSEPH TAVENIER and ANGEL RANGEL VARGAS, both of whom impressed with their awesome physiques, and win points from me for ripping up the stage while displaying some seriously awesome and outrageously cocky attitude!

And some comparisons and posedown pics of the top placed 212 lads to finish!

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  1. Nice! So many hot and sexy muscle men at the Arnold. Roelly, Hidetada, and Aaron are my favorites from this post. Love all the bulges and man ass hanging out of those tiny posers on all the dudes.


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