Thursday, 19 March 2015


Here are just a few of the things included in this latest muscle pic collection…

- Absurdly gorgeous German bodybuilder Roman Fritz blowing up his insanely sized biceps!

- An absolutely monstrous looking Justin Compton cranking out his poses on stage while displaying some brilliantly cheeky tude (fuck yeah Justin)!

- Adorably cute Ivan Kochetkov returning to the stage at the Arnold Classic Amateurs!

- Eduardo Correa lifting up the sleeve of his t-shirt to reveal one of his insanely developed, granite hard biceps! 

- Ben "Pacman" Pakulski ripping up the stage displaying some seriously cocky tude with his trademark style of outrageously sticking his tongue out during his crab most muscular pose (loving the wiry veins erupting on his fantastic traps)!

- Multiple pics of insanely hot Middle Eastern muscle beast Ahmad Ashknani!

- The same shot of Santi Aragon with his undies wedged down below his ass cheeks, flashing his brilliantly developed, gorgeously ripped glutes that was featured in it's own post a few weeks ago (just because it's too fucking good of a pic not to post again)!

I'm taking a short break before my next update, but I'll be back to posting regularly soon. I've also included the below poll where you can vote for your favourite post(s) of the year so far!

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