Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Towards the end of last year I put a survey on the blog asking for your opinions on my blog posts, and the blog in general, as well as your general taste in muscle/bodybuilders.

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to complete it. The website I used to create it only allowed for 200 people to participate, which was filled pretty quickly. I had also intended to post the results a lot sooner but didn't quite get round to it!

I've always really appreciated people giving me feedback on the blog so it was awesome to get the opinions of 200 of my readers, and discover more of what you think about certain aspects of the blog! Here are the main points from the results:

- "Well known amateur bodybuilders" received the most votes when asked what your favourite types of bodybuilders were, followed by American bodybuilders, young muscle guys, "little known amateur bodybuilders" and European bodybuilders!

- Body size was the most voted for option when asked what the biggest factor in determining how much you like a bodybuilder was, closely followed by a bodybuilders pecs, and his looks!

- The vast majority of you said that the pictures featured in a post were what determined how much you like it (I kind of knew that already - hehe)!

- My muscle pic collections are my most popular types of posts, followed by posts on specific bodybuilders, my "posing at home" posts (will have to do these more often!) and my muscle fiction stories (awesome)!

-  41% of you check the blog daily, 36% check it 2-3 times a week.

- 37% of you said you often read the text/commentary in my posts while 31% of you said you always read it.

- "Sexy/hot" and "humorous" are the two most popular opinions of the text/commentary in my posts (bless you guys)!

- The most popular opinion of the pictures featured on the blog is that there is a good variation.

- The biggest criticism of the pictures is that there are too many stage/competition shots (sorry but I don't intend to change this as I fucking love shots of bodybuilders tanned up in freakishly ripped condition, blasting out poses in nothing but their shiny posing trunks in competition!!), followed by there being too many pictures per post (this is something I am very conscious of and the only excuse I have is that I just really struggle to keep the number of pictures to a minimum, particularly when doing posts on specific bodybuilders, because there are so many fucking incredible muscle pictures out there)! 

- 38% of you said you sometimes read my muscle fiction stories, while 25% of you said you always read them.

- "Sexy/hot" and "well written" are the two most popular opinions of my muscle fiction stories (very flattered by this)!!

- 64% of you think the blog is better than most muscle blogs on the net (bless you again)!

- 44% of you said you didn't have any criticisms of the blog.

- The two biggest criticisms reported is that the posts aren't regular enough (sorry guys no plans to change this - in general I prefer to do just a couple of big posts a week rather than lots of little ones as other muscle blogs do - as good as they are!) and that there isn't enough variation of bodybuilders (I also know I'm guilty of this)!

- My blog followers are from a very broad age range, with the most popular bracket being 35-45!

A good number of you also provided some specific feedback in my last two "free text" questions and using the other options in some of the questions.

Some of the things you said you wanted to see more on the blog included "more men of color" (again - I know this is something I'm guilty of), vital stats - height/weight in the text, labelling or identifying bodybuilder, particularly in the case of my muscle pic collections (I will try and make more an effort to do this but I quite often don't know the names of all the bodybuilders myself), more old school bodybuilders, more stories, more variety of bodybuilders, more British lads, more muscle daddies, more pump room/backstage shots, more group shots on stage (I love these too!), hairy bodybuilders, "off seasonish, not fat, but a few months out", unoiled and untanned bodybuilders, "outside in a casual/every day type of pose - next to normal sized people", more videos and pictures of glutes, back and calves and more Arabian, Aussie & Brazilian bodybuilders.

My last "feel free to provide any feedback" received some awesome (and very lovely!) comments. Here are a few highlights:

LOVE the blog! Any quibbles with what you post, how you post it, etc. are really just minor quibbles since no one else posts as good stuff as you do! And I LOVE the text that accompanies the pic posts even if sometimes it does feel a little bit samey - but only cumulatively. Not that I blame you - there are only so many ways to describe the fantastic muscle beasts! THANK YOU for this blog!

Keep doing a great job. Love coming here to worship real men.

Thanks MA. Granny MA would be proud. (HAHA - love it!)

It may go against the blog but some of the 'bigger' 'muscle models are very hot! (Agreed - and I have started featuring more, particularly in my pic collections!)

I love this blog so don't reinvent the wheel-the pics are clean-of super quality and I just think you should tweak it a little and give more contest information once in a while -And I think you should tell me how to get a job tanning those bodies up for competitions. Woof.

Muscle Addict. Your blog is terrific and I enjoy checking in every day to have a look (and a drool). The fact that you change it regularly keeps it alive and it's good to know other muscle obsessed fanatics are out there and alive and kicking. I really enjoy reading your commentary - regularly gets me hot under the collar and it's also very funny.
I occasionally think you repeat a particular bodybuilder(s) a little too often and for me personally would really like to see more muscle monsters and especially British guys. However, you do a terrific blog with loads of content and I admire and appreciate your hard, hard work. So well done.
One last thing. I'm often keen to make a comment and use 'Anonymous' like a number of guys. For quite some time though, when I've written my comment and then pressed 'Edit' or 'Publish' it doesn't allow it and wipes anything that's in the comment box. Is it me or is it a glitch? (Bless you whoever wrote this, very kinds words! In response to the comments, do you have problems using your phone by any chance because I often have trouble commenting on blogs using my phone!)

Love the insanely hot muscle pic in the upper right corner. It would be better to click on the thumbnail to make the pic larger and to identify the guy. Incredible muscle blog. Many thanks and keep up the great work!!! (If I knew how I would but it's just one of the features provided by blogger which doesn't give you the option to make it larger)!

It is so good - a late comer myself but I'm pleased to have found it for its frankness, seeing and reporting "as it is". Greatly appreciate the common interest in massive muscularity and minimal poser coverage.

Your blog is simply AWESOME. Thanks a lot !

A massive thanks again to all those who took part in the survey (especially as I didn't know if anyone even would) and provided me with all the above fantastic feedback. I've taken the results, your preferences and comments on board and will definitely take them into consideration for future posts, and for the blog in general.

And I'd also like to say a final thanks to everyone who checks the blog regularly, those of you who have stayed loyal to the blog over the years, everyone who has contributed and left comments (the types of comments that are left on my posts I don't see on any other blog so trust me when I say it's appreciated!), and everyone who just simply enjoys viewing my posts! Without an audience, I really wouldn't continue to blog!


  1. Your survey is very interesting Addict and so glad you had such a great response, you really deserve much praise for all the work you do in trying to please such a varied audience. As always your the best. Thanks.

  2. Shit! Even your survey results are AWESOME. But really, don't change a thing. Thank you! I check your site every day.

  3. You're going to improve on perfection? I vote we give you a big fat pumping muscle 1st place muscle addict master trophy--or would you be prefer the bodybuilder of your choice for a weekend? mmmm.

    1. How could he choose just one?

  4. First of all I love this blog. I don't think there are enough pics of bodybuilders on stage in pose downs contrary to others opinions- I love that massive overdose of man meat all on stage battling it out in tiny posers. So keep it up. As for your new attempt at diversity and being more inclusive may I nominate Jerome Ferguson and Ulisses for your next bulge post and Michael Liberatore and Jeff Long too -the reasons are perfectly obvious. Thanks Addict.


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