Thursday, 12 February 2015


In my third muscle video compilation, the gigantic gorgeous glutes...

...and thick, freaky, shredded quads of an absurdly cute young American bodybuilder...

...a cute Polish muscle boy gets tanned up backstage...

 ...and flexes his outrageously pumped granite hard bicep...

...a ridiculously gorgeous Latin-American bodybuilder...

...shows off his lovely bronze tinted ab blocks...

...phenomenally shredded and beautifully detailed quads...

...and the rest of his insanely conditioned and breathtakingly gorgeous physique...

...a trio of inhumanely shredded European muscle freaks battle it out on stage...

...and a group of jacked and peeled bodybuilders pose their shiny trunks off in a posedown!

Much like my previous muscle video compilations especially made for the blog, the video is unlisted on YouTube so you'll need this link to view away from this post:


  1. An incredible video as always, but who are these guys especially the red and purple posers. Many thanks!

  2. The first three photos are of Corey Senior.

  3. Hell yea!!!!! color me purple and tattoo #43 on my tongue. What an incredible muscle stud, and that butt and that everything. WOW!!!!!

  4. OMFG in heaven, or in packed, purple posers #43. You're right as usual Addict, OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS GORGEOUS !!!!!!! Please have a name for champion, young, stunning musclegod #43. Great vid Addict.

  5. The young American guy in the purple posers with the incredible glutes and #43 badge is Corey Senior, the Polish guy getting tanned up backstage is Piotr Borecki and the gorgeous Latin-American bodybuilder in the red posers is Alejandro Cambronero!

  6. Nice video, the music was excellent.
    The Corey Senior video was pulled, it was getting way more hits than the others.
    Seriously, hot guy and very hot posing.
    "Death by bum", - very funny, thought it temporarily took the edge off my boner, which was later restored.
    I wouldn't say Corey's glutes are massive, I'd say "shapely" and "beautifully sculpted". He's not a fat ass, or a lard ass, he's no woman. He's all man, and dreadfully cute.
    Cambronero is a sizzler.

    1. Finally, I found the right term for Corey's gluteal endowment, "bubble". He's a classic definition of a "bubble ass".


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