Friday, 20 February 2015


Here are just ten of the things you'll find in this muscle pic collection...

#1. Some incredible photo shoot pics of absurdly handsome and often insanely conditioned American bodybuilder David Paterik!

#2. A new(ish) shot of incredibly popular Canadian bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant blasting a crab most muscular in a (cute!) beanie hat, looking impressively beefy, with a light dusting of fur covering his nicely pumped slabs of muscle.

#3. Multiple shots of cheeky American muscle beast and 212 pro bodybuilder Aaron Clark looking outrageously pumped and impressively sliced in the lead up to next month's 2015 Arnold Classic!

#4. A new "Face Scruncher of the Month" (hehe!) in the form of a lean but insanely ripped and dry as fuck Italian muscle daddy, who also happens to be the subject of a new title known as...

#5. "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month"(!) due to the fact that he is the proud owner of a pair of outrageously developed, nicely striated and gloriously thick buttocks!!

#6. More stage pics of ridiculously hot and outrageously huge Latin-American muscle beast Alexis Rivera Rolon (I really need to give this lad his own blog post)!

#7. An insanely CUTE pic of Dave Paterik and Santi Aragon in ripped competition condition, wearing nothing but their hot posing trunks, David's arm draped around Santi's shoulder, both relaxed and looking ridiculously gorgeous!

#8. An insanely gorgeous young Egyptian muscle beast sporting some seriously huge and insatiably THICK muscle mass (and equally massive grin!) who just so happens to currently be driving me absolutely nuts!

#9. A ridiculously cute and brilliantly ripped young European muscle lad with his undies pulled down to reveal the cutest pair of bare naked buttocks!!

#10. Multiple pics of Czech muscle freak Milan Sadek, looking as insanely conditioned and adorably handsome as he ever has!

I'm really not sure what I love most about this pic of Alexis Rivera Rolon blasting a massive abs and thighs on stage. The outrageously cocky expression on his (gorgeous) face, those beautifully shredded serratus, or the flat out freaky definition and detail in those incredibly thick quads!!

OK let's see...incredibly gorgeous looks which are both masculine and boyish, a massive lovely and down right bloody cheeky grin plastered on his face, ridiculously huge skin stretching bicep muscle resting on his cheek, insanely detailed serratus, gorgeous fucking abs, big thick tits, awesome meaty quads...yep, I think I rather like this guy!!

Oh...and he looks just as bloody huge, cheeky and gorgeous sweating out his poses on stage!

Hottest pic of a ripped European muscle boy standing in his bedroom with his undies wedged down to show off his insanely cute buttocks EVER?!

Oh and guess what? His face is just as bloody cute as his bum!!

And speaking of ripped European cuties flexing in their undies...

So tell me Mr. Fritz, is it your life long ambition to have biceps as big as your (ridiculously gorgeous!) head? Oh it IS?! As long as we've got that cleared up then.

OK I'm really not sure if the expression on this lad's (cute..I think!) face is the result of him squeezing his insanely pumped paper thin skin covered slabs of incredible muscle dangerously hard, or actually because that chain wrapped around his thick bull neck is so tight it's actually strangling him! Either way, I think we might need some medical attention here!


Introducing...the world's first Half-Man Half-Chocolate Bar! Or er...Pero Thomas as he's also known!

FUCK I love those big bonkers shaped abs popping out of this lad's tummy!

Did I say I "rather liked" this lad before? OK scrap that...I ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVE HIM!!

And THIS dry as fuck, ripped to buggery Italian muscle daddy, also known as the current "Face Scruncher of the Month", isn't half bad either I suppose!

Hottest turtle shell tummy you've ever bleedin' seen?!!

Cute boyish looks? Check! Adorably big jug ears? Check! Outrageously cheeky expression on his face as he cranks an abs and thighs? Check! A midsection so shockingly shredded and flat out fucking beautiful you can barely peel your eyes away from it? Check! A pair of outrageously shiny and ridiculously hot blue posing trunks? Check! A muscle boy so perfectly catered my tastes it's untrue? Erm...CHECK!!

FUCK look at that cute little ass! Lines for fucking days!!

I haven't featured a pic of insanely cute Russian bodybuilder Ivan Kochetkov cranking out some poses looking dry as fuck and gorgeously ripped for a while, so here's a picture of insanely cute Russian bodybuilder Ivan Kochetkov cranking out some poses looking dry as fuck and gorgeously ripped!!

HOLY CRAP!! That is one seriously scary (and when I say scary I actually mean fucking awesome!) looking arm!!

Have I ever confessed just how much I love sweat drenched muscle?!


Best ever Aaron Clark face scrunch while cranking a massive abs and thighs?! FUCK YEAH!!

Every single time I see a pic of David Paterik I ask myself one question. How can one man be so utterly fucking perfect?!

Mr. Adorable Jug Ears is back looking just as adorable and er...jug eared as before!

 This is a man/insanely conditioned Italian muscle daddy (fuck yeah!) with ambition. Not content with being the current "Face Scruncher of the Month" (which, as you can see, he's living up to in abundance!), he also to be the winner of another title known as...

..."Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month"!! FUCK look at that ass! Beautifully beefy, ridiculously developed, bonkers fucking shaped and just plain bloody awesome!!

Yep, those are the exposed upper glutes of Alexis Rivera Rolon. You cheeky bugger Alexis!


Cranking out an abs and thighs in my tiny posers showing off your shredded quads and ripped midsection in a car park. As you do.

There's not an inch of exposed beef in this shot of Johnny Doull stretching out his jeans and filling up his jacket and yet, it's still an incredibly fucking hot pic!!

Fucking crank that most muscular Alexis (fucking love the crazy vascularity in those enormous quads)!!

The cute beefy buttocks of (cute beefy) Brad Rowe!!

Hmmm. I think we need to see the "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month" in their tensed and gloriously striated glory!! Fuck yeah!!

Flex those magnificently peaked biceps Johnny!!

That goes for you too Antoine!

Cody Montgomery. Without question one of the most painfully handsome lads in bodybuilding!

Mr. Adorable Jug Ears is back again, and that midsection's not looking ANY more human than before!!

It looks like there's two people who would agree with my choice of "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month"! Probably three people by the way the owner keeps showing off that gorgeously striated ass meat at every given opportunity!!

Still huge, still cheeky, and still fucking gorgeous! Only one question begs to be answered now. What does this lad look like from the back?

And the answer? Just as huge, beautiful and frighteningly muscular as he does from the front! Phenomenally detailed back, everything thick and super sized, and look at the fucking state of those big beefy bum cheeks spilling out either side of those tan wrecked posing trunks!!


Insanely awesome (and freaky) Christmas Tree alert!!

YES those are also the "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month"! Seriously, look at the size (and bonkers bleedin' shape!) of those fucking things!!

And here they are again, completely devouring those blue shiny posing trunks on stage. I love how those ridiculously gorgeous glutes are about three times the size of the ones on the guy next to the owner. Poor lad. You have to wonder why he even bothered showing up!

"Sexy? Me?! Yeah...I kinda know".


Exactly many lines do you wanna have in your ass mate?? Greedy bugger!

I've just had a thought. How the FUCK am I gonna top these "Insanely Hot Glutes" next month?!

And in case anyone missed it, here's my latest muscle video collection, featuring the incredible thick glutes of a young American bodybuilder, an insanely hot Latin-American muscle boy by the name of Alejandro Cambronero (also featured in some of the above pics), a ridiculously gorgeous Polish bodybuilder getting tanned up backstage and some incredibly conditioned European lads cranking out on stage...


  1. Muscleaddict,

    First of all, I LOVE YOU! You post the most absolutely, jaw-dropping super fine musclegods that human eyes have ever witnessed, time and time again. Yours is the best site for muscle addicts. Thank you!

    Second, who are the hotties in pics #85, 104. I mean, DAMN! #85 looks like the most beautiful ass in the universe and #104 is not far behind ;)

    1. Bless you for this comment! ;) The guy in #85 (and owner of the "Insanely Hot Glutes of the Month" - hehe!) is Tony Capurro, and #104 is a guy called Babek Akbarnia!


  3. I third their emotion!!!!! Incredible collections of the most stunning, muscled male specimens on earth and your vids are equally great. Thanks Addict, and glad you got a pic of my young russian dream muscleboy IVAN, maybe an update post on him.

  4. Hey addict who in your muscle compilation video is the American bodybuilder with the glutes what is his name and what show was he in? Great post!!!!

    1. His name's Corey Senior but not sure of the show sorry!

  5. David Paterik + Santi A = daddy/son muscle fantasy in the making!

    Someone, please, for the love of all that's holy, make a road trip movie with these two wearing nothing by posers and cranking out poses for each other!

  6. Make the David & Santi movie a muscled foursome with Canada's most gorgeous muscle couple Johnny & Dana WOOF!!!!!

  7. Love that cutie Piotr Borecki

  8. Okay now, the Oscar goes to Compilation #3 for best quads, best ass, and best fuckity fuck fuck HOT editing.


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