Saturday, 24 January 2015


Here are just ten of the many things you'll find in this latest muscle pic collection...

#1. Gorgeous American bodybuilder Brad Rowe cheekily lifting up his shirt to take a picture of his beautifully chiseled, bonkers shaped abdominals!

#2. A bronzed painted Santi Aragon hitting some poses for the camera whilst in the most breathtakingly shredded competition condition (HE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK HUMAN!!), wearing nothing but a pair of little black socks and the most shockingly shiny, bright red posing trunks!

#3. Absurdly handsome David Paterik, also tanned up and in crazy comp condition, proudly showing off his patio slab pecs, brilliantly peeled abs, thick bulging biceps, vein splattered delts and shockingly shredded serratus!

#4. Two cheeky buggers tanning each other up in the bathroom wearing nothing but sports socks and a beanie hat (in one of the lad's cases). No posers, no undies, one grabbing the others butt cheeks with his hands, the most outrageously cheeky expressions on both of their faces!!

#5. Something rather daddy-esque looking sticking his big ole striation covered ass in the air, his shiny turquoise posing trunks almost completely redundant as they get swallowed up into the crack separating his outrageously muscular bum cheeks!!

#6. A new hotel room shot of newly crowned IFBB pro Alexis Rolon looking just as huge, ripped and bloody gorgeous in his outrageously coloured lime green posers and cute/geeky specs as he did in the ones posted in my last collection!

#7. The return of former teen American bodybuilder Cody Lewis. Remember him?!

#8. A monstrous, always handsome Steve Kuclo blasting a massive front lat spread like "OOOOFFFFF" (fucking go for it Steve!) in the gym!

#9. A pair of the most incredibly striated pecs I think I've ever bleedin' seen (and the lad attached to them is pretty hot too)!!

#10. A very short teaser/preview of my next Muscle Video Compilation featuring some colour changing posers (something I can't decide whether looks pretty awesome or actually a bit naff!), some crazily shredded quads and one hell of a pair of grotesquely muscular, outrageously beefy, gigantically sized fucking glutes!!

Depleted face, rock hard biceps, ridiculously pumped delts, tight pecs, peeled abs, dog bone dry conditioning, crazy snaked veins, wafer thin fucking skin, everything fucking SHREDDED...this is what it's all about people!!

God I love this lad!!

Anyone for an adorably cute overgrown farm boy with a thick as shit, granite hard, tank-esque physique in a pair of outrageously hot super shiny turquoise posing trunks?!

Yep, that's my rock hard, nicely sized, brilliantly striated ass I just so happen to be sticking in the air. Questions? Comments?

Say hello to January's Face Scruncher of The Month! EEEEEEEEE!!

I almost don't have the words to describe my thoughts about this picture. Out-bleedin'-rageous, brilliantly cheeky and totally fucking bonkers! That'll do.

Epic bicep flex!!

Two young European cuties posing backstage!

You gotta love Aaron Clark's wavy lined, bonkers shaped, gorgeously peeled ab blocks which just burst and pop through the crazily thin skin of his freakishly muscular midsection.

Alexis: Fuck Santi mate, have you got a bloody sock shoved down the front of those shiny yellow posing trunks?!

Santi: EEEEE - no Alexis - EEEEEEE - you cheeky bugger - EEEEEE - now if you'll - EEEEEE - excuse me, I'm not quite done - EEEEEEE - scrunching like a nutter as I - EEEEEE - blast this most muscular for the audience - EEEEEEE!

Overgrown farm boy is back! God this guy's adorable. Really liking those super shiny turquoise trunks too!

Fuck look at that ass!! Granite hard, dry as fuck, beautifully developed and gloriously fucking striated!!

LOVE the beautiful lines and crazy detail in this lad's amazingly feathered quads!!

Time to crank a nasty most muscular into the camera with a fuck-off cocky "GRRRRR FUCK YEAH" facial expression! Just er...ahem...don't ask me about the wet patches on my undies OK?!


Is it just me or do these rock hard, crazily peeled abs barely look fucking real?! It genuinely looks like the guy is wearing some kind of bronze coloured superhero costume, brilliantly crafted by top notch designers for a character in the next Avengers film!

The insanely shredded, rather gorgeous and utterly adorable Milan Sadek (officially my favourite Czech bodybuilder)!

Hmmmm. I'm not entirely convinced you're taking this whole Face Scruncher of the Month thing seriously mate! It's a very prestigious tag which isn't given away lightly by any means, and can easily be taken away if another serial face scruncher comes along. Just a little bit more dedication on your half mate and we shouldn't have any more problems.

Ever wonder whether once American teen bodybuilder Cody Lewis who really needs to dig out his posing trunk again (but preferably not those God awful bloody velvet ones he used to wear!) still has a set of lovely shaped and nicely ripped abs?!

Anyone for some perfectly pumped, brilliantly thick pecs with a very light dusting of fur?!

FUCK! I really don't know what I love more about this pic! Those beautifully shaped, impressively peeled six pack abs, those undeniably handsome looks, or those outrageously coloured golden fucking posing trunks!!

ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!! You cheeky bugger Aaron!

OH FUCK!! Look at Jose's monstrously sized and inhumanely vascular bicep!!

Cute goofy looks? Check! Brilliantly coloured bright yellow posing trunks? Check! Mondo sized traps exploding up to the era lobes posing a serious threat to the owners hearing? CHECK!

OK I genuinely think this could be THE cutest thing to ever fill out a pair of shiny black posing trunks!!

Hmmmm. I hope you're not teaching young Cody some bad ways Mr. Clark! Like how to crank a most muscular while opening your mouth as wide as bleedin' possible like the most outrageously cocky fucker to ever own pecs and a six pack perhaps?!

Yes that's the adorably cute overgrown farm boy's nicely beefy and lightly striated bum cheek shamelessly hanging out one side of his super shiny posers.

From left to right, cute, goofy Polish muscle boy Szymon Lada, some nasty bordering on muscle daddy cranking a cheeky abs and thighs with an outrageous face scrunch, and an absurdly sexy fucker with a crazy hot mohawk and abs so gorgeous I almost wanna cry.

Remind me why again Eduardo Correa won my "Vote For The Best Looking Guy In Bodybuilding" poll last year?!

Ashknani and Wardanay. Officially the two hottest Ahmad's in bodybuilding (even though one's spelt with an e)!

FUCK! What an incredible, and fucking beautiful looking physique! Perfectly carved mounds of impressively thick and freakishly sized muscle mass, all shrink wrapped in the most gorgeous looking skin!

There we go! THAT's why we crowned you Face Scruncher of the Month! Nice fucking striations in those pecs too by the way!!

And speaking of striation plastered pecs....(FUUUUUCKK!!)...

Does anyone else's opinion of roid guts waver from finding from them completely grotesque to finding them outrageously fucking hot?!

And this, Mr. Wardanay, is exactly why you're one half of the hottest Ahma/ed's in bodybuilding!

I think this facial expression roughly translate to "HHEERRRMMPPFFF"

HOLY CRAP THOSE FUCKING ABS!! Beautiful, freaky and bonkers. All in equal fucking measures. The cutie in the black shirt and specs is bloody hot too!!

Not sure how I feel about all this "mirin" business but I think it's safe to say YES WE BLOODY ARE!!

I look at this pic and instantly think of something which happened to me on one of the many years I attended Brighton gay pride. Walking through a sea of people in my local park, walking towards my friends and I were three ridiculously huge and outrageously muscular topless men (the hottest of which was about 4 ft in height, had big thick muscle tits hanging off his chest, big abs popping through his turtle shell tummy and an outrageously cocky smirk on his face). Naturally everyone in my friend group looked at each wide eyed with the sheer shock and uniqueness of seeing men so abnormally big and muscular. My best friend's girlfriend exclaimed "they were hideous!", then looked at me and teasingly said "you liked them didn't you"?! The smirk on my face said it all.

Sorry matie, this month's Face Scruncher of the Month position has already been filled. Very good effort though!

Mr Insanely Striated Pecs is back and FUCK look at that chest!!

Not content with having a freakishly line plastered chest, Mr Insanely Striated Pecs also happens to own some rock hard beautifully pumped biceps and one outrageously sexy haircut!

Fucking go for it Santi, you cheeky devil!! GOD I love those posers! Surely a contender for one of the hottest pairs of red trunks ever?!


Never let it be said that Dana Baker doesn't have fun on stage! Crank the fucking TUDE dude!!

If those beautifully shaped, rock hard, gloriously shredded abs look this good sitting down, imagine how good they'd look crunched and flexed in an abs and thighs shot?! 

Thick pecs! Pretty abs! CRAZY QUADS! I need to lie down.

The barely human bicep of Daniel Sticco (officially my favourite Italian bodybuilder)!!

And the aforementioned teaser for my next muscle video compilation to finish...


  1. Fuck that post has got me so hard! Awesome

  2. Stick that butt in the air my way and you won't get it back. Any questions?

  3. I like to plow that farm boy...what's his name??? I'd like to see more?

  4. Who is the guy in the Orange poser, tag 21...insane looking dude?

  5. So glad to know you're back. As always, AWESOME post!

  6. Do I have comments/questions--HELL YES. if that is you you should have included your cell number- hot striated glutes are maxed out beautiful- I want to feel them -a long time. Pant -slurp- boing! Woof. Bonkers pic of two muscle dudes in bathroom tanning up--beautiful-natural and must be European because they are so casual and comfortable and fun in their nakedness together- no big deal- now that's what friends are for- especially muscle buddies- FUCKIN GREAT POST AGAIN- YOUR UPCOMING GLUTES POST WILL HAVE US ALL UP AND COMING- WITH EQUAL AMOUNT OF LOVE AND HARD WOOD I THANK YOU.

  7. The Muscle video compilation-- who's the guy in the close up with those fuckin gorgeous glutes? And the rest of him- Addict he's serious marriage meat.

    1. I'll probably reveal his name when I post the full vid!

  8. What a marvelous mix, addict! Love that you're back, posting the hottest guys and giving the hottest commentary along the way.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall when Cody Met Aaron...

    Santi with torso stubble makes every inch of my body ache.

    Sam Dixon is a golden god and more than deserving of his own post. He's French-Canadian, right. So hot when he talks on his videos.

    A tight turtle tummy does is for sometimes. Sorta yucky, sorta hot. Just saying!

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment Anonymous, and glad you liked the post! Agreed, Santi with the unshaved torso is incredibly hot, as is Samuel Dixon (gorgeous looks and an incredible physique)!

  9. What a post for your comeback Addict, really missed you. Is there anyting on earth hotter than Santi, ripped to shredds, dreamhunk beard and sexy through the roof bodyhair. OMFG!!!!! Ripped, totally adorable superstud Milan, WOW!!!! and that young sturdy, blond, gorgeous muscle farmboy, WOW and WOOF!!!!! Thanks and a great post.

  10. Thanks again, MA, for just "being there" and doing all the right things for us addicts, as ever. Guess I'm in a minority being a so-called "straight" and well into muscle admiration (as a long term workout fiend myself) but this has to be a "must" for the very best in pictures and text (Very expressive, imaginative ... dare I suggest erudite?) of any web site about the appreciation of body building,

    1. Thank you for those lovely words hovis! Your comments are always so sweet and complimentary (and always appreciated)! Thanks again matie.

  11. Awesome collection, who is the lad in the golden posing trunks with No 318


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