Monday, 1 December 2014


A huge thanks to everyone who took part in my "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of 2014" poll. Over a thousand votes were cast and I'll be counting down the top 20 most voted for bodybuilders throughout this month (amongst other posts), starting with those who made the #20-16 spots!


The guy: 26 year old Czech muscle freak who won the up to 100kg (heavyweight) category at the 2014 Mr Olympia Amateur in Prague back in June.

The body: Two words...FUCKING SHREDDED!! Milan's conditioning at the Mr O Amateur was nothing short of incredible, with his insanely feathered quads, crazily striated pecs and peeled to the brink, dry as a bone, cheese grater midsection (check out the first pic for the proof)! Not content with his barely human conditioning, Milan also impressed in the size stakes, with his insanely pumped biceps and awesome quad thickness.

Also known for: His cute chipmunk cheeks (hehe!) and adorable bromance with German pro bodybuilder Roman Fritz!


The guy: IFBB pro beast from Belarus who placed 9th at the Nordic Pro and 14th at the EVLS Prague Pro.

The body: Impressively thick, freakishly veiny, and just plain fucking monstrous! Shabunya is an absolute beast of a bodybuilder, packing in mass all over, but the upper body is especially impressive, as demonstrated when he hits those mental most musculars, where his insanely huge biceps bulge, his incredible delts pop and his striated skin stretching traps erupt to awesome degrees!


The guy: Well known Russian bodybuilder who placed 6th at the IFBB Russian Grand Prix and 8th at the Nordic Pro in his second year competing as an IFBB pro.

The body: Known for his incredible size and sheer mass, Alexey is nothing short of a fucking monster! Huge shoulders, thick quads, ridiculous guns, a massive back, a big beefy bum, stomach bursting ab bricks and slight (and nasty) roid gut(!) all make up Alexey's superhuman physique, but those unbelievably thick and relentlessly big muscle tits which just hang off his fucking chest are his most notorious body part! To put it simply, Alexey is a first class fucking FREAK!!

Also famous for: The impossibly cute, boyish (though slightly less so these days!) looks to compliment that incredible mass of endlessly pumped muscle he has the audacity to call his body!


The guy: American bodybuilder who made his debut as an IFBB pro at this year's Phoenix Pro, placing an impressive 3rd. After a disappointing 11th place at the IFBB Russian Grand Prix, he placed 2nd at last month's Ferigno Legacy Pro.

The body: Gorgeously peeled abs, modestly beefy biceps and beautifully ripped glutes all contribute to Brad's impressively conditioned physique, but it's those monstrously thick and shockingly shredded wheels which beg for attention the most!

Also known for: The ridiculously gorgeous (and I bloody mean that!) looks and his ever growing collection of different coloured (and insanely fucking hot) posing trunks (FUCK YEAH BRAD! - see below for the proof)! Hands up who'd love to take a peek into Brad's wardrobe!


The guy: German bodybuilder who won both the over 100kg category and overall at this year's Deutsche Meisterschaft (aka German Championships), and then went on to take 3rd place in the Heavyweight category at the 2014 Mr Olympia Amateur in Prague.

The body: While definitely no stranger to competing in awesome, shredded condition, Hoffmann took to the stage this year looking harder, drier (the Sahara Desert? PAH! It ain't got nothing on The Hoff!), grainier and more impressively shredded than ever before!

Also known for: Being a handsome bloody bugger, looking incredibly woof-worthy with a beard and flexing the goods with some brilliantly cheeky tude, complete with some seriously awesome face scrunching!

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