Thursday, 11 December 2014



The guy: Egyptian IFBB pro bodybuilder who championed for a second consecutive year at the IFBB New York Pro, before placing 7th at the 2014 Mr. Olympia (one place up from last year)!

The body: If there's one thing Big Ramy is famous for, it's his size! Living up to his nickname (and then some!), Big Ramy is a grotesquely huge 300lbs muscle monster! Cartoonishly huge quads (they seriously don't look human), massive grapefruit delts, monster sized biceps, insatiably thick muscle tits, a superhuman sized barn door back and a mammoth sized fucking ass all make up the phenomenal, monstrous and down right freaky mass of muscle Ramy has the nerve to call his physique.

Also known for: Going from a virtually unknown Middle Eastern bodybuilder to one of the most jaw droppingly massive pro muscle freaks in the business, thanks to an unforgettable pro debut (and win against seasoned pros) at last year's NY Pro.


The guy: 22 year old Canadian amateur bodybuilder who took 4th place in the Heavyweight category at the this year's Canadian National Championships back in September.

The body: Brilliantly beefy biceps which Dana loves to blow up to awesome degrees at every given opportunity, modestly thick, dry as fuck, nicely ripped glutes which looks awesome spilling out either side of his shiny posing trunks, and a pair of shockingly shredded, insanely thick wheels (by far Mr. Baker's best body part!), all make up Dana's physique, which is always granite hard, dry as fuck and impressively conditioned in competition.

Also known for: Being one of the hottest young current Canadian bodybuilders, always displaying a cocky as fuck, power packed TUDE when cranking out his poses on stage, and his awesome (and adorable) bromance with fellow Canadian bodybuilder Johnny Doull!


The guy: Latin-American bodybuilder who blew away the competition in his weight class at the 2014 NPC Nationals with his awesome size and insane conditioning, and walked away from the show as an IFBB pro bodybuilder!

The body: Santi's never been one for shying away from competing in awesome conditioning, but he took it to whole new levels at this year's Nationals and was widely dubbed as one of the most insanely shredded (under-bleedin-statement!) guys of the show, wowing the judges and muscle fans alike with his inhumanely striated glutes, crazy hams, feathered quads, terrifying triceps and breathtaking Christmas tree, while his incredibly thick biceps and massive vein splattered delts ensured Santi didn't disappoint in the size stakes either!

Also known for: Being hands down one of the most insanely handsome muscle boys in the business (the lad is fucking gorgeous!), being a cheeky fucking bugger in the 'tude stakes (check out the bonkers face scrunching and those intense, power packed mouth wide open as if roaring like an animal facial expressions) and regularly hitting the stage in some of the shiniest, most colourful, and insanely hot posing trunks imaginable!! Is there any box Santi doesn't tick/area he disappoints in?! Hmmm...maybe the abs, but that's literally it!


The guy: 24 year old Australian muscle boy who won the 2014 NABBA/WFF Universe back in September.

The body: Packing in some seriously thick and incredibly dense muscle mass, 6'2 Calum is an absolute TANK of a muscle beast! His beautifully carved ab blocks and brilliantly shredded quads impress, but it's that upper body which cries out for the most attention, with it's thick pecs, massive biceps and boulder shoulders all snaked in nasty veins making up for one seriously awesome physique!

Also known for: His insanely handsome looks!


The guy: 24 year old German bodybuilder who placed 5th in the up to 100kg category at the 2014 IFBB World Championships, before becoming the overall champion at this month's German Championships.

The body: With huge guns, peeled abs, ripped glutes and slabby tits, Tim's physique is a 6'2 mountain of beautifully pumped, gorgeously carved, incredibly dense, granite hard, vein splattered muscle mass! Every slab of Tim's incredible muscle is huge, thick and pumped to absolute perfection.

Also known for: Being one of the most ridiculously handsome lads in bodybuilding (the guy is seriously fucking gorgeous)!!



  1. Great post, MA.
    All of them are on my Christmas List.

  2. If Santa Claus knew the naughty thoughts I've had about Calum Von Moger and Tim Budesheim I wouldn't get anything for Christmas!

  3. When you have Calum, Dana, Santi, Tim and Johnny all on the same page, it explodes with the most magnificent, young, stunning musclegods on the planet. The worship level completely goes off the scale as well as me going off. Great post Addict.

  4. I'm not into Santi as a bodybuilder, maybe because he lacks mass ( I know he's not thin, but shorter guys tend to have really dense muscularity).
    But his face, - like wow!! He was indeed blessed in womb.
    The guy is off the scale when it comes to handsome looks and manliness.
    This pic you posted, was like kaboom!!!
    The man has looks
    The picture on the right, is unreal, but I know that is really how the man looks. Shakes my head in disbelief. Lucky man!!


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