Tuesday, 23 December 2014


OK muscle junkies, this is it...your top five favourite bodybuilders of the year based on the results from my "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of 2014" poll! I run this poll every year and I have top say the results this year have been particularly awesome! My own personal list wouldn't have looked hugely different, perhaps with the omissions of Peter Molnar, Calum Von Moger, Alexey Lesukov, Alex Shabunya and Tim Budesheim (all of which I do really like!) and the additions of David Paterik (handsome, shredded and cocky - the guy has it all and he drives me fucking nuts!), Bryan Balzano (literally the cutest thing to ever put a pair of posers on - plus the physique is both gorgeous and freaky), Thilo Klein (beyond gorgeous looks and a beautifully carved out physique to boot), Szymon Lada (the combination of those adorable looks, shredded to fuck muscle and occasional cocky as hell posing just kills me), and perhaps the most lesser known/obscure guy from this list, Kevin Stutz (cute/handsome looks with a phenomenally shredded killer physique, off the charts cocky facial expressions and tude like you wouldn't fucking believe - God I love him)! Oh and I may have to find a spot to squeeze little Daniel Sticco (Italian pint sized cutie patootie with terrifying upper arms!) in there too!

But back to your choice of top five, where we have a shockingly shredded Brazilian, an impossibly handsome German, an insanely bloody hot Canadian and two of the hottest and most handsome American bodybuilders in the IFBB pro ranks!


The guy: Brazilian IFBB pro bodybuilder and 212 class veteran whose only outing this year was at the Mr Olympia, where he came runner up to James Flex Lewis. His next show is expected to be the 2015 Arnold Classic in March.

The body: Two words spring to mind whenever I think of Eduardo's physique. FUCKING! SHREDDEDDDD!! Mr. Correa takes conditioning to another fucking level, case in point, the physique he presented at this year's Mr O! With his peeled beyond perfection midsection and THOSE inhumanely feathered quads (FUCK! Just...FUCK!), Eduardo was hands down the most insanely conditioned bodybuilder of the show. Rips and cuts like you wouldn't believe, veins and striations for days, Eduardo's beautiful and freaky Mr O physique looked like it had been carved out of marble and wrapped in skin so thin it was barely worth having. Special mention must also go to those gorgeous glutes, incredible lats, monstrously sized biceps and those deliciously thick pecs which hang off his torso, eagerly waiting for the next twitch, bounce or flex.

Also known for: Being, hands down, one of the most handsome and beautiful looking men in bodybuilding!


The guy: 27 year old American bodybuilder who finally earned his pro card when he won both the Super Heavyweight division and overall at the NPC USA's in July. His debut as an IFBB pro will be at next year's reputable New York Pro.

The body: A 6'1 tall mountain of insanely pumped, superhuman sized, thick as shit muscle mass, it's not hard hard to see why Nick's physique has propelled him to the pro ranks! Shredded quads, massive delts, wide lats, peeled abs and ridiculously huge arms all make up Nick's freak show worthy body, which is always nicely carved in competition and decorated in a splattering of nasty veins!

Also known for: His super sexy and handsome looks which have always helped him maintain his army of muscle loving fans!



The guy: German bodybuilder who championed in both the Super Heavyweight category, and the overall at the 2014 Olympia Amateur in Prague, earning him both his pro card and status as an IFBB pro bodybuilder.

The body: Insanely dry, granite hard, paper thin encased slabs of perfectly pumped, freakishly vein splattered muscle make up Roman's incredible physique, which never fails to be in crazy, shredded to fuck conditioning when in competition! Crazy lines and alien like striations can be found on just about any inch of Roman's freaky physique! Even when the guy's off season he has lines in his fucking ass, which, while we're on the subject, just so happens to be made up of some of the most gloriously shredded and freaky looking glutes in bodybuilding!

Also known for: His impossibly handsome looks, complete with that gorgeous bloody grin and THAT FUCKING JAWLINE!!


The guy: American IFBB pro bodybuilder who placed well in a number of bodybuilding shows this year, including 1st at the Arnold Classic Brazil, 2nd at the Nordic Pro and 9th place at, what was only his second Mr Olympia.

The body: Kuclo is 260lbs of incredibly dense, gorgeously carved, superhuman sized muscle mass! With his massive delts, corded quads, huge guns, monstrous lats, peeled abs and dry glutes helping to make him one of the most promising young bodybuilders in the IFBB pro ranks!

Also known for: Being one of the most handsome dudes in the business (is anyone noticing a slight pattern with these top five lads?!) and the increasingly cheeky and playfully cocky facial expressions (Steve fucking loves to scrunch!) he displays when he's tearing up the stage and his often shiny, usually colourful and always packed (hehe) posing trunks!


The guy: 23 year old amateur Canadian bodybuilder who came 4th in the Super Heavyweight category at the Canadian Nationals in September.

The body: Nothing but thin, tight skin and granite hard, carved to perfection, striation covered muscle, Johnny's jaw dropping, barely human physique is both beautiful and freaky in equal fucking measure! Deliciously pumped up, super sized biceps, a pair of fantastically feathered quads, which are big, thick and corded to incredible degrees, a tight, perfectly chiseled midsection complete with the most beautiful set of ripped to fuck, cheese-grater abdominals, and a pair of freakishly striated, dry as a bone glutes which he's not shy about showing off in all their naked glory (the cheeky bugger!) all help to make up Johnny's incredible, breath-taking physique!

Also known for: His bromance with fellow young Canadian Dana Baker, the awesome, cocky, power packed attitude Johnny often adopts when he's flexing, cranking, and showing off his incredible shredded mass and his (yep, you guessed it!) incredibly sexy and insanely handsome looks which brilliantly compliment those freaky slabs of otherworldly muscle, all of which help make Johnny a much deserved no.1!

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