Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Johnny Doull showing off his bare naked freakishly striated glutes, Raciel Castro faux licking his huge flexed bicep, Roman Fritz lifting up his shirt to show off his beautifully carved up ab blocks, Cody Montgomery scrunching like mad in a hotel room, the insanely shredded quads and shiny red trunk hugging glutes of Santi Aragon, a ridiculously gorgeous Eduardo Correa in a Marvel t-shirt, Steve Kuclo's eye-catching shiny red posing trunk covered bulge, the insanely shredded midsection and beautifully striated pecs of a tanned up, flexing (and possibly naked!) Milan Sadek, and Eduardo Correa trying to cop a cheeky feel of James Flex Lewis' ripped glutes! What do these things have in common?! They're all featured here in a post of what I think, are some of the most awesome and insanely hot pics to have featured on the blog this year (along with my two recent "muscle video compilations" at the end of the post)!

I'd like to say a huge thanks to all my blog fans and followers, everyone who has checked the blog regularly over the past year, and those who have commented on and contributed to my posts.

I've had loads of fun doing the blog this year (which I hope has shown in my posts!), but, on a slightly more serious note, its been an interesting one for me in other respects and at times I've found myself questioning to what extent I want to continue sharing my love of muscle with others. I'm happy to say though that the enjoyment I get from running this blog and writing and putting together my posts is enough to keep me going and I'm not done with this site just yet.

I'll be taking a break before my next update but I'll leave you with a list of 10 things to be excited about in 2015, with a few teasers of what I have in mind for upcoming posts:

#1. Justin Compton, Aaron Clark and Eduardo Correa all competing at the Arnold Classic in March.

#2. More "GLUTES GLUTES GLUTES" posts, and for the first time ever, maybe some specially themed glutes posts!

#3. Cody Montgomery graduating from the teen/collegiate championships to compete at the NPC Nationals, where he's hoping to win his pro card.

#4. More muscle pic collections with captions/text. I've been really enjoying putting these together lately and the response I've had has been fantastic, so I may increase the number of these I do!

#5. Nick Trigili's pro debut at the New York Pro in May.

#6. More posing trunk pic collections, with other themes besides just colours!

#7. The possible return to the stage of some old blog favourites like Antoine Vaillant, Jake Nikolopoulos and Steve "YES MY ARSE IS PRACTICALLY THE SAME SIZE AS THE PLANET JUPITER. WHAT OF IT?!" Orton (as teased on his social media)!

#8. The more than likely notion of lesser known/unknown and undiscovered bodybuilders gaining attention and being featured on the blog (crazy to think this time last year I hadn't heard of the likes of Thilo Klein and Bryan Balzano).

#9. Johnny Doull and Dana Baker competing at the 2015 Canadian Nationals.

#10. More muscle fiction stories (I feel I'm only just getting started with these)!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Stay tuned for new posts soon.


  1. MA
    Thank you for a great year of (male) muscle entertainment.
    Constantly emerging with quality muscle dudes, excellent commentary, racy pictures, valued opinions, along with pure, undiminished male muscle lust which is vivid, tangible and strong.
    Fuck, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were the muscle angel come to earth to attract all male lovers of male muscle with super studly muscle men, that get our cocks hard, and get us juicing up at their pumped bodies, flexing and hardening on stage.
    I like your opinions and stories, with other boards the owners publish pics but give us no opinion. We're not too sure where they stand, strictly heterosexual and no erotic charge at the site of male muscle, or a thoroughly red-blooded spunked up male, who just explodes at the site of male daemons ripping it up on stage. There's no pretense with you, pure muscle love - it's freaking fantastic.
    Thank you for all your excellent work, I hope you enjoy your break.

  2. Thanks MA for 2014. Have a good break - sharpen your pencil and start again (we hope). You are undoubtedly a fantastic wordsmith like no other, as far as we hangers-on "Addicts" can see. And you get together the most expressive pictures to match your script. Thanks a million.

  3. I know there are many more that have been silent, but yet can't keep from coming back to treasure your blog for the many pleasures it bestows. Here is my shoutout for the time and energy you spend expressing what many of us have felt inside but never could put it together so well in great photos and words. May you continue to feed us for years to come . Thanks Muscle Addict and all the other Addicts throughout the world.

  4. Thanks for these lovely comments and kind words! Even though I've being the blog for a while now it's always great to hear such lovely feedback!


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