Saturday, 20 December 2014


Last month I posted the first video in a new series of muscle video compilations made especially for the blog, and now I'm ready to share my second effort! This one features more brilliantly conditioned and incredibly hot bodybuilders flexing backstage at a show, along with some footage of new IFBB pro and recent NPC Nationals champ Alexis Rivera Rolon looking huge, gorgeous (he's such a handsome fucker!) and shredded hitting some poses for the camera while displaying some incredibly cheeky facial expressions, an outrageously sexy and beautifully shredded Greek muscle bull tearing up the stage at a bodybuilding show displaying some of the most over the top cocky and playfully aggressive attitude imaginable, and a bunch of inhumanely shredded muscle lads battling it out on stage who clearly feel the overwhelming urge to shamelessly grunt, groan, shout and yell as they hit their poses like a pack of fucking animals!!

As with the previous vid, this is unlisted so you'll need this link to watch away from the blog:

And in case you missed it or just want to re-visit, here's the first video in the series...


  1. Addict both video compilations were excellent and my computer started to overheat and that one of the greek posing- So Yeah FUUUUCK keep them coming dude thanks- who needs coffee in the morning when you can watch a shredded bodybuilder crank those poses--ARRRRGH!

  2. Good music and captions.
    My favourite was competitor no 144, had good thickness and density (both upper and lower body), and a large bulge to boot. Would like to see more of him.
    Alexis Rolon has one dazzling smile.
    Great attitude from the Greek bodybuilder.


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