Sunday, 14 December 2014


Here are just ten of the many things featured in this latest muscle-packed pic collection…

#1. An always gorgeous and beyond hot Johnny Doull looking carved and peeled in hot red boxers in an incredible photo shoot pic (along with a few others of Johnny)!

#2. Insanely bloody hot pro bodybuilder Santi Aragon showing off his shockingly shredded muscle mass while displaying some the cheekiest, and most brilliant facial expressions you've ever seen him pulling (we're talking scrunching, snarling and opening his mouth like a roaring naughty bugger Santi)!

#3. FACE SCRUNCH LOVERS SIT UP: An outrageously cheeky looking, big, bald muscle monster who also happens to be an incredibly awesome and over the top face scruncher who even rivals that scrunchy monkey from last month's pic collection (click here)!

#4. Multiple shots of ridiculously fucking gorgeous (under-bleedin'-statement!) American bodybuilder Brad Rowe!

#5. Some incredibly awesome shots of recent NPC Nationals Super Heavyweight and overall champ, and now IFBB pro bodybuilder Alexis Rivera Rolon in all his huge, ripped, and bloody gorgeous glory!

#6. Johnny Doull flexing a front double bicep with a sock covering his man bits(!!) whilst Dana Baker cranks a back double bicep with his bare naked glutes on display (I kid you fucking not)!!

#7. An unbelievably woofy muscle daddy the size of a fucking TANK on stage in a pair of some of the smallest (and shiniest - SLURP!) purple posing trunks known to man!

#8. Painfully gorgeous German muscle boy Tim Budesheim blowing up his massive biceps backstage, posing for an incredible photo shoot pic with vein plastered arms and striation covered pecs, and cranking out/posing like mad/even fucking scrunching it up (FUCK YEAH TIM!) with some other muscle lads during a posedown!

#9. Various pics of my favourite adorably cute, pint sized, freakishly muscular (THOSE FUCKING ARMS!!) Italian bodybuilder Daniel Sticco.

#10. Multiple pairs of granite hard, gloriously shredded, inhumanely dry GLUTES so incredibly bloody hot they're probably worthy of a whole post of their own!

Why is it every time I see a pic of Brad Rowe I have the overwhelming urge to go in for a cuddle?? He just looks like, and comes across as, an absolute fucking sweetie! Like a 230lb freakishly muscular teddy bear with lines in his buttocks!

So this is new IFBB pro and recent NPC Nationals champion Alexis Rivera Rolon. OK let's see...adorably cute looks, cute geeky specs, shredded serratus, lovely abdominals, THICK shredded quads, upper arms as wide as his bleedin' head (SERIOUSLY!), a shaved head, a cute startled expression like "shiiiitt, how did I get THIS big??" on his face and a pair of nasty lime green fucking posers! Yep...*quite* like this lad!!


OK OK you can flex for a little bit Brad, but then it's straight back to the cuddling! Got it?!

Why are all these adorable/cute/geeky spec wearing muscle lads suddenly driving me crazy?! 

Didn't your mother ever teach you the expression "if the wind changes your face will stay like that" Santi?! Hmmm...something tells Mr. Aragon wouldn't actually mind walking round with his mouth permanently wide open like some kind of roaring predatory fucking animal!!


So I'm thinking of starting a new monthly series of posts called "Face Scruncher of the Month". Any ideas who the no.1 candidate for this month's post would be?!!

Seriously mate, was it even worth wearing those fucking posers?? P.S. nice socks (hehe)!

Look at that gorgeously carved out eight pack and beautifully shredded serratus!!

I think this expression roughly translates to "FUCK YEAH"! P.S. PLEASE don't take the specs off when you hit the stage Alexis!!

The beefiest lad seen holding two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts since Steve from Little Tree!

Why doesn't MY Christmas tree look like that?!

Anyone remember this lad?! His name's Jordan Michael Janowitz, I did a post of him last year (click here), he's *still* abnormally muscular and freakishly ripped (in fact more so!), he's still as cute as a button (probably actually more so!) and I still want to scoop him up and introduce him to Granny Addict (once he's put some clothes on)!

Blow those fucking guns up Tim! HOOOMPFF!!

OK so this guy has absolutely no legs (what the fuck happened mate?!) but look at that fucking ASS!!

And the award for most breathtakingly beautiful midsection of the post goes to...

I seriously can't decide whether this guy's specs are a) bloody awful! or b) fucking awesome!!

And the award for most grotesquely vascular quads (FUCK) of the post goes to...

And yet another cute/goofy/adorable lad in specs! What is going on?!

Been for an eye test recently Szymon?!

And THAT, sir is why you're the current Face Scruncher of the Month! EEEEEEEE (God I bloody love it)!!

BOLLOCKS! You naughty bleedin' scamp Santi, just when I thought I had my Face Scruncher of the Month picked out you go and throw a spanner in the works! Now I'm just plain confused. Look at that bonkers scrunch as he blasts a most muscular. And the side chest shot? BEST! SNARL! EVERRRRR!!

Who votes for a Tongue Flasher of the Month too?!

Most Adorably Cute Italian To Stick His Thumb Up Showing Off His Ridiculously Huge Arms While Taking A Selfie of the Month?! OK now I'm just taking the piss!

Monster crossing!! God knows what the driver of that van is thinking!

 He took the specs off! NOOOOOO!! Still bloody love him though!!




Seriously Szymon eye care should be taking very seriously. It is recommended you get your eyes tested every 2 yea - oh enough of this crap. JUST PUT SOME BLOODY SPECS ON!!!

And yet *another* granite hard, dry as fuck, freakishly ripped up pair of buttocks! I think it might be time for another glutes post folks! 

Crank that fucking 'tude Alexis!!

FUCK! Just...FUCK! Look at this sexy bugger!! Big ole' bald head, insanely hot daddy-esque looks, crazy shredded quads, as big as a fucking tank, and some outrageously small and incredibly shiny purple posing trunks! This dude is the very definition of WOOF!

I don't feature enough young, British, cute as a button bodybuilders on the blog, so here's a young, British, cute as a button bodybuilder!

OK I take it back. *This* guy is the very definition of WOOF!!

And now for *last* month's Face Scruncher of the Month (don't pretend you don't remember him)!

"Hello yes, it's that the Emergency Tanning Buddies To The Rescue Service?? My mate's just done a bloody runner on me! Yeah, he tanned up everything but my neck, face and half my fucking forearm. He spent about half an hour rubbing tan into my abs, make some weird groaning noise, muttered something about needing to use the toilet and bleedin' scarpered! I need a tanning buddie ASAP"!

 I don't feature enough young, British, cute as a button bodybuilders who crank out their poses with their mouths as widely open as humanely possible and who'll probably get dragged off to the local bleedin' nut house the second they step off the stage on the blog, so here's a young, British, cute as a button bodybuilder who cranks out his poses with his mouth as widely open as humanely possible and who'll probably get dragged off to the local bleedin' nut house the second he steps off the stage!!

One successful job for the Emergency Tanning Buddies To The Rescue Service! Gawd knows what happened to this poor lad's original tanning buddie!



Granny Addict isn't going to wait forever Jordan (mostly cause the old croan only has about 2 months to live)! Stop crunching those abs and get some bloody clothes on!

That has GOT to fucking hurt!!

Nope, sorry Santi, my decision's made. Maybe you can try for next month's Face Scruncher honour?

 Fuck look at that back!! Fuck look at those GLUTES!!

Who knew Mr. Budesheim could scrunch so fucking well?! More of *this* in the future please Tim!

Will Charlie Steatham and Stuart Fox be indulging in *these* kind of pump room antics?! You'll find out soon...

Is this an image of a grotesquely huge 250lb muscle monster squeezing a most muscular or an image of a grotesquely huge 250lb muscle monster in severe pain having caused himself a personal fucking injury form squeezing too hard? Who can tell?!

Mystery man in the hoodie standing within close proximity to cute/adorable Italian bodybuilder Daniel Sticco and his freakishly muscular upper arms, I have no idea who you are but I thought you might like to know that I currently hate you with a fiery passion. That goes for you too Mr. Cameraman!

Tongue Flasher of the Month is back (that really is some serious tongue flashing action)!

OK yes, Alexis looks incredible here cranking out an insane abs & thighs (LOVE that facial expression) in all his huge, shredded, gorgeous glory *but*...imagine this exact same shot with just one tiny difference...Alexis wearing his specs!! Yes that's the 17th time I've mentioned the possibility of Alexis wearing his specs on stage in this post. Look, I'm not very good at letting things go OK?!

If that arm to the side of the shot belongs to mystery man in the hoodie, there's gonna be fucking trouble!

Mystery man who was in a hoodie but now isn't...your disguise does not fool me, I know that's fucking you!! And yes I still bloody hate you!

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  1. Great mouthwatering collection of ripped, rutting muscled stallions Addict, just please find more pics of Johnny and Dana in the tanning tent. WOW!!!!!! Yes, it's time for another glute post after drooling over these shredded man canyons. OMFG!!!!! Thanks.

  2. great post- was too busy to rub one out. But ooohhh the side pose barely there posers on that hunk of muscle fuck was awesome. I agree it's about time for a naked glutes post. My question--Why did Johnny Doull bother with the sock -seeing his penis wouldn't bother anybody. Own it Johnny.

  3. I know now what I want for Christmas. It's another year of Muscle collections and stories on Muscle Addict Inc.

  4. Dear Addict can we have a Christmas Pecs post- big slabs of firm muscle tits with perky nipples to to touch and dilate and lick and drool over as they hit those most muscular and side triceps poses. Remember Art Atwood and Mike Mattrazano and their amazing muscle heavy pectorals god bless them. So please Santa/Addict baby hurry down my chimney and leave me some pectacular pics and a towel. Thank You!
    This muscle collection set my posers on fire and Johnny and Dana in the posing tent was a Brokeback bromance gone bonkers-loved it- more-more more.

  5. This collection Addict, is a one-hand mouse and one-hand crotch till wet breifs post, and yes, good lord YES!!!!!! Johnny and darling Dana in the tent, OMFG. Thanks.


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