Saturday, 1 November 2014


From American muscle beasts to Middle Eastern monsters, from European muscle hotties to Canadian cuties, from well known IFBB pro mass muscle monsters to lesser known but equally hot amateur muscle freaks, and from young, insanely cute muscle lads to big, woofy muscle daddies, 2014 has seen some incredible bodybuilders hit the stage to flex, crank and squeeze their superhuman sized, inhumanely shredded muscle mass in nothing but ridiculously shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks for an always adoring audience who marvel at the incredible and freaky sights of hardcore muscle mass before them!

Now it's time to vote for your favourite bodybuilder(s) (you can vote for as many guys as you like!) of the year in the poll below!

As with previous years, I've applied a few rules to the poll. Only bodybuilders who have both competed this year, and featured in their own post at some point on the blog (not necessarily this year) are eligible, with some of the more obscure/lesser know and popular guys omitted in order to keep the list to a minimum.

The poll will stay open for the rest of the month, with the top twenty most voted for bodybuilders revealed in December. For the past two years that I've run the poll Antoine Vaillant has received the most votes, however, Antoine hasn't competed this year so he's not eligible for the poll so it's going to be interesting to see which bodybuilder takes the top spot this year!

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