Sunday, 2 November 2014


As you can probably tell from the number of polls I regularly post on the blog, I've always been interested in the opinions of my blog readers/followers! I've created a short 15 question survey (posted below), in hope that if many people respond/participate it will give me more of an idea of what you guys like and don't like about my blog posts, and the blog in general, as well as a few questions about your general taste in muscle/bodybuilders!

My polls are always really popular but I'm not anticipating a huge response to this (its more an experiment than anything else) as it will require a little more time and effort (although hopefully its a little more fun than your average survey!) so I'd like to say a huge thanks in advance to anyone who does participate! It's your chance to give me some honest and anonymous (with no need to sign up to any sites etc.) feedback on the blog and let me know your opinions, and if it does prove popular and I do get a good response from it then I'll post the results some time in the future!

The survey is situated below, or alternatively you can open up the survey in a new window here. Make sure to click the "Finish Survey" button at the bottom to submit your results. Thanks again to anyone who takes part!

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