Saturday, 8 November 2014


Brilliantly conditioned, deliciously tanned up muscle boys flexing backstage, a painfully cute, pumped up Polish bodybuilder hitting some poses at home, two competition ripped, attitude packed muscle beasts battling it out at a show (while copping cheeky feels of each others thick shredded quads and terrorising the poor judges!) and Austrian muscle boy Kevin Stutz ripping up the stage whilst displaying the most incredibly cocky tude! They're all featured here in the first of a new muscle video series!

As with the past few videos I've made especially for the blog, it's "unlisted" so you won't find it by searching on YouTube and it won't appear on my YT channel! You'll need this link to view away from this blog post: (feel free to share it with like minded muscle lovers)!


  1. Superb video. Many thanks!

  2. MA
    It's a Sunday morning, my cock hasn't woken up. I read this clip, and watch this underground video clip of yours, and bang. It's kicked into life. I'll save the wank for later.

    Dude, people with impotence issues should visit you - and chuck away their viagra pills (smiles).

    What is winning me over to Stutz is as you've pointed out his attitude, it is so charged. He's so pumped up on stage and ripped, like he wants to blow you away with his hyper muscularity. Attitude animates everything and really does raise the level of engagement and arousal.

    MA any more vids like this.


    With all this testosterone throbbing through your viens, how many gallons of spunk do you produce/ week? The mind boggles...

  3. Total mind fuck! It's the magnatude 9.0 that I felt while I watch your video COMPILATION #1.
    Super charge Stutz arracked my PC clear into tomorrow. THAT"S WHAT I CALL POSING YOUR HEART OUT.


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