Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Here are just ten of the things you'll find in this muscle pic collection...

#1. A deliciously ripped, always gorgeous Johnny Doull taking a selfie with only a towel to cover his dangly bits (you cheeky bugger Johnny)!

#2. Beyond fucking gorgeous Latin-American fitness model/bodybuilder Raciel Castro just looking ridiculously fucking beautiful! Huge pumped biceps and flat as a pancake zero per cent body fat tum-tum on full display!

#3. A ripped up muscle boy on stage dressed up like a fairy with a wand, wings and a pink tutu(!)...I kid you fucking not!!

#4. FACE SCRUNCH LOVERS TAKE NOTE: One of *the* best and most over the top bleedin' face scrunchers I think I've ever fucking seen. All together now...EEEEEEEEE...

#5. The younger bodybuilding brother of Steve "HOW IS MY ASS SO FUCKING BIG?" Orton on stage in awesome, shredded condition cranking out a most muscular!

#6. Cute Polish muscle boy Szymon Lada showing off his thick as shit, granite hard, vein splattered slabs of muscle mass while pulling the most adorably goofy (and cheeky!) facial expressions!

#7. Painfully gorgeous American bodybuilder Brad Rowe on stage in a pair of purple posers, squeezing a crab most muscular so fucking HARD you fear he might do himself a personal injury!

#8. Steve Kuclo's increasingly famous bulge stretching out a pair of light blue shiny posers. BOOOIIIIIINGG!!

#9. The return of ridiculously (and I bloody mean that!) handsome (it seriously should be illegal for one man to be so fucking handsome!) German muscle boy Tim Budesheim!

#10. The vein plastered delts, skin stretching bicep and beautiful line etched GLUTES of an apparently off season (SERIOUSLY?!) Roman Fritz!!

Remember when I did a post on a young cute/goofy Italian ripster called Daniel Sticco? THIS IS HIM!!

Remember that thing you read a minute ago about someone being one of the best and most over the top face scrunchers I think I've ever bleedin' seen? THIS IS HIM!!

Remember that thing I said about there being a muscle boy wearing fairy wings and a pink tutu and you thought "what the fucking fuck...is he having a bleedin' laugh"? THIS IS HIM (AND NO I BLOODY WASN'T)!!

 Pumped calves? Check! Meaty hams and quads? Check! Dry as a bone glutes with striations trying to peek through? CHECK CHECK CHECK!!

 Johnny flexing the beef in jeans (what..no pink tutu in your wardrobe Johnny? Get with the times mate. All the ripped boys are wearing them these days)!

 Half way through his photo shoot, Szymon suddenly remembered he'd left the oven on.

Mr. Scrunchy McScruncherton is back and check out that fucking TOOD (seriously what has this lad been snorting backstage?)

HOLY SHIT!! What a pic! Beautiful ripped muscle for fucking days! Kevin Stutz (now officially Mrs. Muscle Addict - and yes Granny Addict approves!) on the right looking as gorgeous and ripped as ever, that handsome devil on the far left blasting a side chest (you might recognise this lad from my "Muscle Video Compilation" just posted) and the guy next to him with the veins invading his delts and arms and those insatiably hot trickles of sweat cascading down his tight ripped abs (FUUUUCK)!! Just incredible!

And this is EXACTLY what I imagine to be waiting for me at the pearly gates!!

Yes yes Dana Baker we all know you have thick shredded quads and big beefy glutes, you can stop showing off now! P.S. Please don't!!

Three things we can learn from this pic of Brad Rowe:

1. Brad does a mean ass vacuum pose!
2. Brad has awesome taste in footwear!
3. Brad has awesome taste in posing trunks (we kinda knew that one already)!

So this, apparently, is Roman Fritz off season! There's er...ahem...just one teensie tiny problem with that Mr. Fritz. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE LINES IN YOUR ASS OFF SEASON!!!

So from this pic we can see that Steve Orton's brother Kagan a) is a bodybuilder just like his big brother b) loves to crank out those nasty most musculars just like his big brother and c) is capable of pulling cheeky facial expressions just like his big brother. The big question is...is his arse even HALF the fucking size of his big brothers' gigantic sized fucking bootie (which would be a feat even for a fucking bodybuilder)?!

And the answer to that is...YES IT BLOODY IS!!

It was nice of the mental institution to let Ricky out for the day to compete in one of his muscle man competitions. Curfews at 10 though Ricky...no exceptions!

And that applies to your friend too Ricky!!



 Mark Dugdale you're so fucking handsome that you actually make me a little bit sick! P.S. I WANT YOUR BABIES NOW! P.P.S. Shhhh, don't tell Kevin!!

Guess whose tan covered posing trunks and freakishly vein splattered legs belong to?? KEVIN(!!) who incidentally just got home. Quick Mark, sneak out the back door! Er...HI KEV! Nothing going on here. Nope! Tra la la...

Speaking of ridiculously handsome muscle boys...

And here's another lad you might recognise from my recent compilation video! His name's Piotr Borecki and bloody hell he's hot!!

OK I'm now starting to think this lad may actually have a facial deformity and instead of cheekily scrunching up his face this is actually just what the poor lad looks like, in which case I would then feel very, very bad!

And those quads are human HOW exactly?? FAAAAWWKK!!

OK I've now decided how I feel about this whole bodybuilder dressing like a fairy with a pink fucking tutu on stage thing:

1) It's hands down *the* most BONKERS costume I've ever seen worn by a bodybuilder onstage!
2) It also might be the cutest! 
3) The lad wearing it is clearly fucking BONKERS himself!
4) The lad wearing it also clearly has an awesome sense of humour!!
and lastly...

OK let's see, cheeky expression on his gorgeous face, lovely peeled abs bursting through his tummy, big thick bulge straining in his posers...yep, that's the Johnnie Jackson we know and love!


When Flex heard a rumour there was a new serial scruncher on the block he knew he had to up his game in the outrageously cheeky and endearingly bonkers (you bloody nutter Flex!) facial expression stakes!

TOWEL! GET! SOMEONE! A! JOHNNIE! NOW! (You sweaty fucker Johnnie)!

And in case you missed it, or just want to watch it again, here's the muscle video compilation I recently made featuring various clips of bodybuilders (including some of the above lads). I plan to make these as regular as my muscle pic collections so I hope you guys like it!


  1. Great post and great video Addict. Yea Kevin is so hot and what a young muscle stud the way he cranks out those poses. Footnote, Steve Kuclo, or should I say hearttrobbing Steve has to have the most magnificent calves next to Big Ben. Love and totally worship incredible calves. Thanks Addict.

  2. #3. A ripped up muscle boy on stage dressed up like a fairy with a wand, wings and a pink tutu(!)...That's Mike Sommerfeld out to grant me my wish.


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