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WARNING: This post contains the following...ripped to fuck European muscle lads, shredded to buggery Middle Eastern muscle freaks, incredibly handsome bodybuilders, bodybuilders who probably aren't so incredibly handsome but still have the ability to drive us fucking nuts, breathtakingly beautiful abs (and not just one set), outrageously striated glutes with more lines than the average train track, unbelievably huge biceps splattered in the most grotesque veins, insatiably thick muscle tits that refuse to fucking quit, shockingly shredded cheese grater functioning serratus, quads so sliced and feathered you begin to doubt whether the owner is actually human, muscle bulls who feel the need to cheekily scrunch and screw up their faces whilst hitting their poses onstage, adorably cute/goofy lads I just want to scoop up and cuddle for hours (Szymon and Sticco I'm looking at you!), and the kind of incredibly hot golden coloured posing trunks you only thought existed in fictional pump rooms!

Last weekend some of the freakiest and most inhumanely shredded amateur bodybuilders from various corners of the globe (mostly Europe and the Middle East!) stepped on stage to show off their incredible muscle mass at this years IFBB World Championships. Amongst the amazing line up were several bodybuilders who have featured on the blog before, a few I recognise but haven't previously given much exposure to and some completely new faces. This post aims to shine a spotlight on some of the hottest (if you trust my taste!) of those competitors!

First up is the competitor who's probably featured on the blog the most, and without a doubt one of Germany's hottest young bodybuilders TIM BUDESHEIM, who took 5th place in the up to 100kg category. Not content with being bloody gorgeous (seriously - the guy takes handsome to a whole new fucking level!) he also happens to be built like an absolute tank! Tim's physique is just slab upon slab of granite hard, beautifully pumped, vein decorated muscle mass. Tim placed in my top ten bodybuilders of last year based on your votes from my "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder" poll, and (spoiler alert!) he's not doing too bad in this year's poll either!



Next up is my personal favourite bodybuilder of the show, the adorably goofy looking but undeniably fucking cute Polish muscle boy that is SZYMON LADA! One of the things I love about Szymon is that you can tell he has a naturally lean frame, and if he hadn't decided to devote his life to being a ripped bodybuilder with lines in his buttocks, he'd probably be quite a slim guy. Luckily for us, he did, and he's now the proud owner of thick shredded quads, lovely cut to ribbons abdominals, gorgeously pumped pecs which look amazing during those side chest poses, bonkers lats which flare to a ridiculous degree, and a pair of thick, striated to buggery glutes which cheekily spill out either side of his shiny turquoise posing trunks. Plus, check that cocky facial expression he's pulling as he cranks that trap erupting crab most muscular. FAAWWKK!! I BLOODY LOVE THIS GUY!!

Championing in the up to 90kg category (and beating Szymon) was Egyptian bodybuilder AHMED WARDANY. I've been a fan of this guy for a while now and dedicated a post to him last year (click here). Thick delts, massive guns and shredded quads all make up Mr. Wardany's incredible physique. He's also adorably bloody cute and pretty damn gorgeous to boot!

And if you haven't had your fill of slightly (and adorably) goofy looking but still damn bloody cute European lads (SZYMON SZYMON SZYMON) then here's another in the form of DANIEL STICCO from Italy, who won the up to 65kg category! Despite the fact that he's about 3 feet tall (the trophy is almost as bloody big as him!) and you could literally put him in your pocket, Daniel is packing some seriously thick, shredded muscle (FYI I actually love the fact he's so short)! The thickness in the upper body when he hits those most musculars is bonkers, the quads are beautifully shredded, the biceps are freakishly big and the triceps are just plain freaky. And oh yeah, the little bugger is fucking gorgeous!! I BLOODY LOVE THIS GUY TOO!!

Championing in the up to 85kg category was HADI CHOOPAN from Iran (why are there so many incredible bodybuilders from that country)?! Not only is he a handsome devil but that body is fucking phenomenal. Thick, veiny and peeled from head to toe, the abs are gorgeous, the pecs are striated, the quads are sliced and look at the fucking state of those GLUTES!!

The up to 80kg category saw two more incredibly hot Middle Eastern bodybuilders compete. OSAMA SALAMA (guy with the no.86 badge!) took 1st place with his gorgeous looks, thick quads and biceps, shockingly shredded serratus and Johnny Doull-esque abs, while 2nd place went to the slightly quirky looking but still damn fucking sexy BABEK AKBARNIA (no.91) who is the proud owner of some amazingly feathered quads, nicely striated glutes and the most gorgeous looking and beautifully sliced six pack tummy muscles! In other words...dude is fucking SHREDDED!

Two more lads impressing with their crazy conditioning were PETER TATARKA (no.161) from Slovakia (look at those beautiful and freaky fucking abs!) and ZOHIR MIHOUBI (no.95) from Algeria, a quirky looking fucker with cheeky tude, awesome biceps and a gorgeous looking, beautifully chiseled midsection.

And while those lads impressed with conditioning, the following four muscle beasts impressed with sheer fucking size! The shockingly huge bald monster plastered in those nasty, freak show worthy veins blasting the beef in the hotel shots is OLEKSANDR SLOBODYANYUK from Ukraine, the big fella with the awesome thickness, crazy conditioning (look at those fantastically shredded quads) and er..."special" haircut (!!) is VLADYSLAV MAZHARA (also from Ukraine), the gorgeous tan streaked fucker (no.187) with the red trunks and glasses in the backstage shots is ESHAGH GHAVIDEL from Iran (look at those thick slabby tits...fuck yeah!) and lastly the other bald, fuck off huge muscle monster is ATTIA SHAALAN from Egypt, who won both the over 100kg category and the overall show!

And here's the best of the rest of the competitors including MAHDI AYARI and KHALIL ASADI who both featured in my "Three Iranian Muscle Freaks" post a few months back, and Egyptian muscle boy MOHAMED EMBABY who earned his own post earlier this year. Special mention must also go to ISMAIL MASOUD (ripped and gorgeous with the no.52 badge!), SAJAD NIKNAMPOUR (no.68 - gorgeous abs and fit as fuck!), ALI HAFSHEJANI (no.82 - handsome beggar and gorgeously shredded), CHRISTOFER NOBER (no.143 - the big bald cheeky looking fella), EDDI DERZAPF (no.65 - dry as fuck German muscle daddy) and lastly, KAROL MALECKI, aka the cutest thing I have EVER seen in a pair of golden posers!


  1. Like watching an army of Supermen!

  2. Tim budeshiem hands down the most handsome and masculine bb !!! Wow what a beefy god of hyper masculinity. I could feast on that body for days!

  3. MA, what a contest...
    My personal favourite was Szymon Lada, his symmetry and mass and thinning hair are a very attractive combination.
    Ahmed Wardany had Szymon on size and thickness. (Very cute guy also)
    Attia Shaalan presented a fine package, with size, symmetry and conditioning.
    Sajad Niknampour - was an notable.
    Peter Tatarka - his most musculars, are pretty awesome (those traps).
    The cute Italian Daniel Sticco - with dazzling smile
    Vladyslav Mazhara - with the eye-catching haircut.

    There were a number of other guys I couldn't identify, like nos 74, 110,195 my favs amongst the unknowns no 91.

    Nice commentary as always.


    1. 74 is Seonghwan Kim from Korea, 110 is Raul Martinez from Venezuela, 195 is Andrzej Kolodziejczyk from Poland and 91 is Babak Aknbarnia who is mentioned/featured in the post ;)

    2. Apologies about no 91, and thanks again.


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