Saturday, 4 October 2014


It's time to vote for your favourite posts from the past few months!

Which posts have you enjoyed the most? Did you prefer my post on red posing trunks or my post dedicated to freakishly huge biceps? How about my "Guess Those Glutes" post, or my muscle selfie pic collection?! Or maybe you preferred the post featuring the latest part of my "Charlie's Secret" story?

Which posts featuring specific bodybuilders did you enjoy the most? My posts on young American bodybuilders Cody Montgomery and Bryan Balzano? Or maybe you preferred my post on pro muscle freaks David Henry and Guy Cisternino? Or maybe my fairly recent posts on Canadian muscle hotties Johnny Doull and Dana Baker did it for you more than any others?!

There are two polls below, one with choices compiled of my posts featuring specific bodybuilders, and the second featuring all my other posts. Vote for your favourites (you can vote for as many as you like) and the results of this, and the other previous polls will be revealed towards the end of the year.

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