Sunday, 12 October 2014


Calling all bulge lovers!! Time for a post celebrating bodybuilders and muscle lads with some of the biggest, thickest and most eye-catching bulges in the business!! Bulges barely contained by the super shiny material of their owners posing trunks! Bugles so big and thick you wonder if they'll have the judges fucking eyes out! Bulges stretching brightly coloured poser material to the absolute fucking max! Bulges that unapologetically stick out a fucking mile when the muscle freak of an owners proudly cranking out his poses and flexing his superhuman slabs of man beef! BULGES BULGES BULGES!!

First up a man who's massive bulge has been filling out a fair few pairs of trunks lately! American bodybuilder and recent Olympia competitor Steve Kuclo *always* comes to mind when I hear the words "packed posers"! The pouches of his trunks just don't stand a fucking CHANCE when Steve squashes his bits into them (FACT: It takes three men to do that job)! The shiny red fuckers here in particular look like they could probably be used as a fucking hammock once Steve's finished flexing all his mighty mounds of beautifully carved out muscle in them!

Here are three theories as to exactly what Egyptian muscle monster Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay stuffs down the front of every pair of posing trunks he steps into...

1. Some kind of big round exotic fruit!

2. A jumbo sized fucking tennis ball!

3. Another pair of balled up posing trunks just in case he gets bored with the ones he's wearing and decides to handily whip the spare pair out and pop them on mid-way through his posing routine!

Poor Justin Compton! Most bodybuilders can just stroll in to their local bodybuilding & fitness store and pick up a pair of posers for their next competition. Not Justin! The unlucky bugger has to specially order his trunks from the only website who stocks his size (XXXL). For anyone who shares Justin's dilemma, the web address is www.can'tfityourwillyintonormalsizedposingtrunks(youbigbigboyyou)thensquishyour(big)'sjustamirror

Not content with possessing monstrous wheels and ripped glutes (not to mention bloody gorgeous looks), American bodybuilder Brad Rowe's not exactly lacking on the man meat front either, as demonstrated by that big thick bulge stretching out those shiny blue posing trunks!

A recent study revealed that 15% of men give nicknames to their dangly bits. American meat monster Dexter Jackson recently revealed he's (also) among the men in that percentage. And the nickname he's chosen for his manhood? Little Dex! There's er...ahem...just one problem with that nickname Dexter. Little Dex? NOT SO BLEEDIN' LITTLE!!

It doesn't matter what (fucking HOT) colour of posing trunk Guy Cisternino squishes his bits into. Whether light blue *whimpers*, bright red *bites knuckles*, or bright metallic pink *cums in pants*, NONE of them manage to hide the fact that Guy's not exactly a small lad in the old trouser department!

There's only one part of showing off his gorgeous slabs of ripped muscle at bodybuilding competitions that Swiss muscle hottie Sandro Hofer doesn't like. Having his golden nugget squished up inside his shiny red posing trunks (oooh eeee ow) for hours on end and praying to God the little bugger doesn't pop out with every flex!

Pretty much any shot of a ripped and pumped Nick Trigili in competition will reveal that the ridiculously handsome and now pro American muscle beast is more than capable of filling out any and every pair of posing trunks he pulls over his monstrously thick quads!


Let's take a wee look at American bodybuilder Evan Centopani. The guns? Huge! The quads? Thick? The back? Monstrous! The traps? Explosive! The truncheon stretching out his XXXL sized (Evan clearly gets his trunks from the same website as Justin C!) posers? BLOODY MASSIVE!!

FACT: Four eyeballs have been taken out (from audience members/judges/fellow competitors) due to Canadian monster Ben "Pacman" Pakulski's posing trunk covered package!! That thing just fucking sticks, points and pokes out a frigging mile no matter which way Ben is facing and flexing! BOING!!

It's not just American muscle beast Johnnie Jackson's tits, quads and biceps that are outrageously thick and jumbo sized! You only have to look at any pic where he's pumped, shredded and squeezed into a pair of posers to see that Johnnie's sausage is also rather on the large side! Is there *any* space left in the pouch of Johnnie's posers? Erm...that would be a NO!

And lastly Aussie muscle lad Jake Nikolopoulus who's packing just as much meat in his posers than he is on the rest of his super pumped, beautifully muscular body! Jake's junk doesn't look like it's making *any* fucking apologies about how much it's filling out those bright red shiny trunks on stage!


  1. Steve Kuclo with a side order of Guy Cisternino, please :-)

    I like that Guy Cisternino wears shiny posing trunks, bucking the trend of velvet-like posing trunks that other bodybuilders wear.

    Steve Kuclo: Well, I'll just leave this link here...

  2. Yes, yes, yes, addict! Just put it out there, dude. We like bulging muscles -- but we like bulging posers too!

    Some thoughts:

    Kuclo: He's on my mind (and other things) a lot lately due to all the great showings he's doing. Always looks semi-chubbed. Great color selections. Would LOVE to see him wear those flame posers in an actual competition!

    Rami: Just so much width there! I don't know that the shaft is all that impressive, but the nuggets -- whoa!

    Compton: Perfect proportions. He shows us just enough detail to keep us interested.

    Rowe: Love shots were we see some head. Brad definitely celebrates Hanukkah!

    Dexter Jackson: Floppy fabulousness! Even hot in velvet!

    Cisternos: Careful. COntents under extreme pressure!

    Hofer: I want so much more of this guy! Tight as a drum -- and he's got the stick to beat it. (Did I really just write that?!)

    Evan C: Freaking snow plow. Not beautiful, but damn it will move ya!

    Ben P.: Like a delicious holiday ornament.

    Johnny Jackson: Dude always looks like he's one flex away from popping through his posers. ANd I mean that in the BEST possible way!

    Jake N.: Yum. Just yum.

    1. Excellent post.
      Evan C, is my favourite. He's not fully aroused yet he can't conceal he has a lot swinging down there.
      I've seen Jake N, pose a number of times and he continually has to adjust he briefs to keep things in check.
      I like Guy for putting so much ooomph into his posing, Justin takes a while to warm up on stage, but does bulge out when he starts to get aggressive with his posing.
      Steve Kuclo, when he's in condition is pretty fucking impressive.
      Ben P, always very popular with me, bulge or no bulge.
      MA, I hope you'll do follow-ups to this, like with the glute posts.

  3. Always SO MUCH to enjoy at a bodybuilding contest, cause you know when the young musclegods walk on stage, pumped to the brink, tanned, rubbed with oil by adoring hands, the first our lustful eyes zero in on is the tiny, tightest, muscle packed, light colored, sweat and oil stained POSER. WOOF!!!!! Great post Addict. Hope you do another mucky stained poser post. Thanks.

  4. Love this post, yea it's the crotch grabber at every contest when the jacked muscle studs are grinding out every pose and those packed posers keep getting more soaked with muscle sweat. Love it when it's a close call and the judges have to keep working the top two so hard the stage is a pool of sweat. The most beautiful sport in the world. Great post.

  5. Brad Rowe and Sandro Hofer look the best, and their bulges look awesome. Hot bodies too. All these dudes look sexy as hell.


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