Thursday, 2 October 2014


Ding ding ding! It's time to throw two more (insanely bloody hot) bodybuilders into the Muscle Wars ring and let them fight it out for your votes! This round features two very different bodybuilders from Europe. It's handsome pint sized muscle hottie Ahmed Fawzy, who's originally from Iraq but now resides in Switzerland, and recently competed in the Arnold Classic Europe V young cute Austrian bodybuilder Kevin Stutz, who's competed in various amateur shows in Europe over the past few years!

It's Switzerland V Austria! It's handsome V cute! It's hard dry and veiny V lean sliced and shredded! It's scrunchy (Ahmed fucking LOVES to scrunch) V cocky (check out Kev's facial expression in the stage shot..cheeky bugger)! Vote for the bodybuilder who does it for you the most and whoever receives the most votes will earn their own post on the blog.




  1. Young, gorgeous, ripped, muscled STUD-STUTZ, WOOF!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry, but I was away and missed the voting. I too might have over looked Kevin, but after this posting, I changed my mind.
    Those videos and shots of the Kevin Stutz put a meaning to HOT. This pup mastered posing down to flaunt every fucking muscle on his gorgeous body to the audience's approval. I like the way he moves right in time to the every beat of the music. No intimidation or nervous with this guy! His motto is DO IT WITH PASSION OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL. MA, you know fucking well that we are going to want MORE of insanely Hot bodybuilder. Feed me more..
    Thanks for sharing.


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