Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Here are ten (of many) things you'll find in this latest muscle pic collection...

#1. Gorgeous German bodybuilder Roman Fritz lifting up his shirt to reveal his gorgeously carved out squares of ab muscle seeping through his thinly skinned, dry as crackers tum-tum!

#2. An unbelievably fucking MONSTROUS off-season Justin Compton cranking a most muscular in his living room!!

#3. Bare naked fucking GLUTES (and not just one pair either)!!!

#4. Everyone's favourite Canadian muscle hottie Antoine Vaillant showing off his massive delts, pumped arms, slightly furry pecs and sliced six-pack!

#5. Trails of sweat cascading down the hard chest and ripped mid-section of a young muscle cutie and into the front of his incredibly shiny, bulge packed blue posing trunks!! SLURP!!

#6. Insanely hot Latin-American bodybuilder Santi Aragon showing off his Christmas Tree (it ain't December just yet mate!), as well as cranking a tude packed most muscular, mouth wide open like a cocky little fucker!!

#7. American muscle monster Steve Kuclo cheekily lifting up his shirt to reveal his brilliantly sliced abs and the bottom of his meaty muscle tits!

#8. A pair of freakishly sliced up, alien looking calves beautifully on display as the cheeky bugger of an owner lifts up his heels to tense and show them off!!

#9. An outrageously fucking HOT pair of shit shiny, bright metallic PINK posers worn by scrunchy monkey Guy Cisternino!

#10. Multiple pics of incredibly hot, beautifully carved out Johnny Doull (sorry non-Johnny lovers I can't quite get enough of Mr. Doull at the moment)!

I'm not sure whether it was the gorgeous smile, the fantastically shredded, cheese-grater worthy mid-section or those thick slabs of carved out muscle bulging off his leg but I practically fucking exploded the first time I saw this pic of Austrian cutie Kevin Stutz! FUUUUCKK!!

Fuck this lad just gets hotter and bloody hotter!! Johnny always looks incredible but there's some extra special and freaky about his body in this pic! Thick as shit, carved all over and snaked in fucking veins!!

Is it just me or is Eduardo becoming even *more* fucking gorgeous and handsome? How is that even possible?!! As for the t-shirt, if it transpired that in addition to being a shredded muscle monster Eduardo was actually a massive superhero loving geek who gets home from the gym to write Marvel fan fiction on his laptop I think my head would literally fucking explode!!

What I love about this (cute!) lad is that you probably wouldn't be able to tell he was a bodybuilder possessing granite hard marble-esque biceps, freakishly vein splattered pecs and skin so bleedin' thin it's barely worth having(!) if you passed him on the street and he was fully clothed!

OK just one question. Where. The. FUCK is my tongue supposed to go to first?! Those streaks of sweat trickling down this lad's abs or that ridiculously fucking shiny (and bloody HOT!) blue posing trunk fucking bulge (hands down some of the hottest and shiniest blue trunks I've seen in a while)?!

Crank it HARD Steve! HMPPPFFF!!

Not sure what I'm liking the most about this lad. His gorgeous bloody abs or those shredded fucking quads! FYI quite liking those shiny as shit bin bag posing trunks too!

Scrunch 'n' crunch lads! EEEEEEEEE!!

Looks like someone's shoved two pumpkins down lil' Santi's vest! Oh no wait..those are just his perfectly pumped up muscle tits. My bad!

OH SHIT! Look at those inhumanely thick arms and monstrous fucking delts. FUCK!!


Cheeeeeeeeky bleedin' blighter (LOVE IT)!

Check out this dude's biceps! He looks like he's got fucking croquet balls surgically implanted in his upper arms!

 LOVING the nasty vein zig-zagging from this guy's lower abs all the way to the top of his shredded quads! Those trunks aren't leaving much to the imagination either!


Check out the fucking vein situation on this scrunchy bugger! FREEEEEEEAKK!!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! Those lines in Baito's ass don't seem to wanna stop going!!

Handsome looks, big slabby tits and hot blue trunks to boot (I won't dwell too much on what's inside those trunks but the words "walnut" and "whip" spring to mind)!

How the fuck Dana gets any work done is beyond me. If I had legs that thick and shredded I'd literally just spend all fucking day in the mirror, tensing, wobbling and staring at the fuckers!!


Look at those fucking QUADS!!


  1. Johnny Doull's bare ass sends me over the top. Great pix.

  2. Incredible collection Addict and Anon is right, the star pic is Johnny's bare ass shot of what muscle heaven must be like.

  3. Addict, I just LOVE your site! Is it me, or are there just too many RIDICULOUSLY HOT superstuds out there?

  4. Hey muscle addict great fucking posted!!! Just two quick question photos number 17, 28 who's rib crushing quads are those and who's the guy with the bareback glutes and not talking about Johnny doull? Nice work again mate!!

  5. Hey muscle addict just one more thing can you do a post of a bodybuilder who just got his pro card called Erik Ramirez he's a heavyweight he turned pro in August at the Pittsburgh pro and he's had a great package bowling ball glutes and pump pecs he's a looker and I think you will like what u see!!! Thanks again����

  6. Hey muscle addict sorry the show that I told you about Erik Ramirez was the north American both shows was a day apart but he got his pro card in the north American.

  7. Holy shizz, Addict! This is one of your hottest collections to date -- and that's saying something consider all the muscle you've gathered here. Lovin' the little insights from you in this newer format, too. You have exceptional taste!

  8. Who is the hot guy with ripped glutes at the BBQ?


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