Monday, 6 October 2014


Last week I put two (very different) bodybuilders to a vote and asked you to vote for your favourite, in another round of my "Muscle Wars" series! It was handsome pint sized Ahmed Fawzy, who's originally from Iraq but now resides in Switzerland V young Austrian muscle cutie Kevin Stutz, and with 62% of the votes, the winner was...Ahmed!!

Either of these lads would have been worthy winners for me (I'd have a hard time deciding between them myself!) but it's not hard to see why Mr. Fawzy received the most votes. Hard, dry, ripped and veiny, Ahmed's physique is nothing short of awesome! Thick biceps, lovely abs, and an almost Christmas Tree (couple of branches there already...maybe by December 25th he'll have a full tree?!) lower back all contribute to Ahmed's freaky body. And complimenting that physique are his woof-worthy Middle Eastern looks and handsome face which he clearly has the regular and overwhelming urge to scrunch like a mad thing while he's flexing, posing, and generally showing off all his wafer thin skin encased, dry as day old crackers, freakishly vein splattered muscle mass (you cheeky bugger Ahmed)!

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