Saturday, 18 October 2014


I've featured German muscle hottie David Hoffmann in a few posts over the past year, and thought it was about time I gave him his own post! There's so much to love about Mr. Hoffmann. The incredibly hot and handsome looks (made even more hotter by the gruffy facial fuzz he's been sporting lately...WOOF!), the crazy conditioning he always brings to his shows (hard, shredded and dry as fucking FUCK!), the thick meaty biceps, the deliciously carved quads, the tight like a drum midsection, the ripped striation covered glutes, and that awesome, cheeky as fuck tude he adopts when he blowing out his poses, perfectly demonstrated here by the shots where he's getting scrunchy into the camera and just cranking the beef like MAD (fucking go for it Hoff)!

This has been a fantastic year for David. He won the Deutsche Meisterschaft (aka German Championships), the biggest national amateur German show of the year back in May in his best and driest condition yet, and then went on to battle it out as a Super Heavyweight at the Amateur Mr Olympia in Prague in June, losing out to fellow German muscle freak, and blog favourite, Roman Fritz.

I particularly love the shots here where David's posing amongst the crowd, which seems to be a common trend at European shows, along with the competitors always being shockingly shredded and cocky as fuck! I'm planning a trip to visit a couple of European countries (including Germany) next summer and one of the things on my to do list is going to a bodybuilding comp. My dream situation? Hoffmann in a posedown with Milan Sadek, Szymon Lada, Kevin Stutz and er...hmmm...yeah throw in Peter Molnar too (why the fuck not eh?) with Roman Fritz in a guest posing spot, all lads posing in the audience, mere feet away from me, all shredded to ridiculous degrees and squeezed into brightly coloured posing trunks, all flexing hard and giving it hell, cranking the tude like cheeky buggers while drenched in sweat from head to fucking foot. FUCK YEAH LADS (probably won't actually say that but it's what I'll be thinking)!!

Shredded Serratus we fucking come!!

Yep, that's the Hoff scrunch we know and love! EEE-someonepassmeaspareofundies-EEE!!

OK who let Jo Brand backstage?!

Loving the crazy striations in those thick squeezed pecs!!

OK let's see a thick wide back that flares for an age, an outfit comprised of hot red trunks and sexy white socks (LOVE IT!) and er...yep...we have lines in the glutes people!! Lines in the fucking GLUTES!!

Two shredded muscle Gods flexing and cranking amongst mere mortals (lucky beggars)! Fuck yeah!!

The fella in the black with the impressively pumped arms looks rather pleased to see Hoff! Is it the gloriously shredded abs or that red posing trunk covered eye-popping bulge he's setting his greedy peepers on (the dirty beggar) though? Who can tell?

This shot is just fucking beautiful! Looks at those gorgeous lines separating all those incredible lumps and bumps in David's midsection! Like a work of fucking art!

MORE line in the glutes!! FUUUUCKK!! Hoff you're fucking killing us with these ass striations! Shame the trunks aren't tucked in a little more though. YOINK!

And the award for Most Sweat Drenched/Tan Streaked Fucker Who Desperately Needs A Patting Down goes to...Mr. Roman Fritz! He also gets the Awards for Most Ridiculous Jawline and Cutest Pair of Ears. Gruffiest Facial Scruff and Most Awesome Vacuum Pose goes to Hoff though (sorry Roman)!

Nothing like a scrunchy bicep flex! "Take that fellas...HMPPFF"!


Love love love this shot!!


  1. Hoffmann give a new meaning to wearing candy red posers. Then him posing with Fritz is nothing more than jaw dropping!

  2. Gorgeous, impressive -- and he seems genuinely nice with fans and other competitors. Total MuscleHubby material!


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