Sunday, 26 October 2014


In my last "Muscle Wars" post I gave you the chance to vote for a post on (bloody hot) young Austrian bodybuilder Kevin Stutz! Kevin lost out to the other (also bloody hot) bodybuilder from that poll, Ahmed "Newly Crowned King of The Face Scrunch (Eeeeeeeee)" Fawzy!

The whole point of the "Muscle Wars" is that only the winner gets his own post on the blog but no bodybuilder has got me in so much of a tizzy as Kevin since...erm....Eduardo Correa rocked up to the Olympia weigh ins wearing nothing but his socks and shiny purple posing trunks (beefy bum meat nicely spilling out on both sides of that purple material round the back) looking more gorgeous and shredded than he ever has done (FUUUUUUCK) which was...erm...last month so not long ago at all really but FUCK IT Kevin's got me in a tizzy and since it's my blog I'm allowed to throw out the rule book and do what the bloody hell I want which basically means...KEVIN STUTZ POST!! RIGHT! BLEEDIN'! NOW!

So now you might be wondering exactly why this naughty scamp of an Austrian muscle boy has got me in a flap! Here are five reasons...

#1. Like most European muscle lads, Kevin *always* manages to get into the most shockingly shredded conditioning for his shows!! Check out Kev's insanely detailed serratus in the second side crunch pose in a hotel room pic! HOLY SHIT!! Have you ever seen serratus and obliques so unbelievably fucking SHREDDED?? I wanna use the word bonkers but somehow that word doesn't cut it. Lets go for ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MENTAL instead! Yeah...that works! Elsewhere Mr. Stutz is rocking some freakishly sliced quads (check the veins snaking from his inner thighs right down to his fucking feet - FREEEEAK), a dry as you like lower (and upper!) back (Christmas already? That came round quick!), a set of perfectly pumped pecs which look amazing when flexed into a side chest, modestly sized beefy biceps which he just LOVES to fucking blow up (more on that later!) and some lovely looking, gorgeously ripped abs also helping to make up that crazily cut midsection!

#2. HE'S BLOODY CUTE!! The kind of lad I'd happily take to a family Sunday lunch. Even Granny Addict, who's a tough old bird at the best of times, seems rather smitten with my new beau Kev! I'm just praying he doesn't let slip the words "bodybuilding", "shredded abs" and "ripped glutes", unless he wants to be responsible for replacing my mum's 25 year old gravy bowl! The ridiculously baggy sweater I've made Kev wear is *just* about doing the job of covering up the slabs of perfectly shredded muscle lurking underneath. And most importantly, I hope to God he remembers to lock the bathroom door when he pops off to use the toilet! Granny Addict may be as tough as old boots but if she actually managed to find the bathroom (she once spent five hours in the airing cupboard thinking she'd gone for a nap in the guest bedroom) and opened the door to find Kev standing at the john with his jeans and undies wedged down, his impressively beefy, granite hard, and nicely ripped glutes (more on THOSE later too...FUCK YEAH!) on full naked display it'd finish the old crone off for good!!

#3. As Granny Addict can confirm, Kevin also happens to have the cutest pair of glutes!! Kev might not exactly have the most freakishly striated ass on the planet (still a few lines there though!) but it's still nicely sized, gorgeously beefy, impressively dry (check out the cheeky side shot/pulling up the undies/t-shirt pics) and mostly just plain fucking lovely!!


#4. Kevin is an official member of the Mucky Pup Society, an elite club that only accept members who step on to bodybuilding stages with their shiny, minuscule, glute hugging posing trunks PLASTERED in tan (the messy fuckers)! Kevin always gives the security of every show he competes in strict instructions NOT to let his mum backstage! No bodybuilder wants his mum rummaging through her purse while tutting and shaking her head, pulling out a tissue, licking on it and then trying to wipe the tan off the back of his posing trunks (bless Mama Stutz) while he's trying to get his pump and pose on!

#5. And you can see from the stage shots below, Kevin also happens to be the most unbelievably fucking COCKY poser, cranking out his poses with the most bonkers, outrageous and playfully arrogant facial expressions known to fucking man (the cheeky bugger)!! Poor Mama Stutz. Her eldest son Dennis is a well respected lawyer but she just can't for the life of her figure out what went wrong with her little cherub Kevin. Fifteen years ago she was wiping chocolate off his chin as he played with his toy trucks, and now he spends his days stomping round stages in nothing but tiny, mucky tan covered pants, proud of the fact he has lines in his bum cheeks, lumps and bumps popping out of his tummy and veins plastered all over his legs, flexing his abnormally big muscles while pretending to be a roaring lion!

And cockiness of this degree just has to be witnessed in motion! Check out the below vids of Kevin displaying that incredible fucking tude!! FUCK YEAH KEV!!

And here's the best of the rest of Mr. Stutz, including some older shots of a younger Kevin with less facial fuzz and muscles, but still as cute and ripped!!

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  1. Kevin "STUD" Just absolutely gorgeous and everything you've described Addict. WOW!!!!!!


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