Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Here are a few things that make 22 year old Canadian muscle boy Dana Baker an insanely awesome bodybuilder...

- Those thick as shit, shockingly shredded quads!!

- The cocky as fuck, power packed TUDE Dana displays when he's on stage cranking out his poses!

- His brilliantly beefy biceps which blow up to awesome degrees when he's hitting those bicep poses!

- The cheeky facial expressions Dana pulls when he's showing off his perfectly pumped slabs of muscle, whether sticking his tongue out like a cocky bugger or scrunching like a nutter (Dana fucking LOVES to scrunch)!!

- His modestly thick, dry as fuck, nicely ripped glutes!!

- His awesome bromance with fellow Canadian bodybuilder Johnny Doull demonstrated in the many awesome shots of the two lads below! 

- His (bloody brilliant) taste in posing trunks! Dana likes his trunks to be shiny and brightly coloured!

- The rest of his granite hard, dry as fuck and impressively conditioned when in comp condition physique!



  1. MA
    Nice to see Dana pulled from Johnny's shadow. I feel he was sorely overlooked, but I'm biased as I am in a minority to prefer Dana to the ever popular Johnny.
    Dana has strong underpinnings (legs), on which is is building a mighty fortress of beef. His straps are another stand out point.
    His mush (facial scrunches) are hot, because despite the distortion, he still has looks.
    Rugged, masculine & handsome"

    Check out those traps"

    Simply mighty, the back,ass and legs

    This is a great post.

  2. Thanks for the Dana Baker treat.

  3. OMG, He is so freaking HOT, young, gorgeous, handsome, thick muscled stud and knows how to wear posers to show how thick he really is. Wish he and Johnny were a real couple. WOOF!!!!!!!! Great post Addict.

  4. WHAT A MAN!!!!!!!! Young, masculine, handsome, incredibly thick powerful muscled body with legs to dye for and not afraid to wear posers that show what a real man he is. What a halloween treat for some lucky bitch. Great post of a rare specimen of male. Thanks.

  5. I've long been a fan of Prime Canadian Beef!


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