Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Here are a few things that make 22 year old Canadian muscle boy Dana Baker an insanely awesome bodybuilder...

- Those thick as shit, shockingly shredded quads!!

- The cocky as fuck, power packed TUDE Dana displays when he's on stage cranking out his poses!

- His brilliantly beefy biceps which blow up to awesome degrees when he's hitting those bicep poses!

- The cheeky facial expressions Dana pulls when he's showing off his perfectly pumped slabs of muscle, whether sticking his tongue out like a cocky bugger or scrunching like a nutter (Dana fucking LOVES to scrunch)!!

- His modestly thick, dry as fuck, nicely ripped glutes!!

- His awesome bromance with fellow Canadian bodybuilder Johnny Doull demonstrated in the many awesome shots of the two lads below! 

- His (bloody brilliant) taste in posing trunks! Dana likes his trunks to be shiny and brightly coloured!

- The rest of his granite hard, dry as fuck and impressively conditioned when in comp condition physique!


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