Friday, 19 September 2014


Earlier this year I did a post called "Young Muscle #4: Ripped European Cuties!" featuring a trio of incredibly hot young European bodybuilders. Amongst them was 23 year old German bodybuilder Thilo Klein, who was fairly new to me at the time and has since since won the juniors category at the German National Championships. The post included a small poll inviting you to vote for which of the lads you liked the best, which, with a massive 70% of the votes, was won by Thilo.

It's really not that hard to understand why Thilo proved so popular! For a start, the guy is absolutely fucking gorgeous! Not content with giving us one young bodybuilder whose handsome beyond fucking words (helloooo Roman Fritz!), Germany has offered up another in the form of Mr. Klein! And if that wasn't enough, Thilo also happens to be the proud owner of an incredible physique, made up of slab upon slab of beautifully carved, deliciously sliced, pumped to perfection muscle mass, which he clearly loves to flex, crank, strain and squeeze for anyone lucky enough to play witness, evidenced in the competition shots below where he's ripping up the stage in his indecently sized posing trunks and cranking up the attitude, scrunching like a mad thing and pulling all manner of shamelessly cocky expressions (the cheeky bugger!), all helping to make up one the best (and hottest) young bodybuilders in Europe, and without a doubt, one of my best new muscle discoveries of the year.


  1. O dear God of the planet Superior Young Musclelinium, send more of your ultimate male specimens like God Thilo that we, mere mortals may worship, lust and have loads of sticky briefs to wash. Thilo is by far beyond perfect and that smile on a computer designed face is enough to make me faint. What a God. WOOF!!!!!!

  2. This guy is more elusive than Lord Lucan. I've had to search high and low to get my Master Thilo fix...until now. Instantly sprayed my shorts when I read this post late last night, then did it again ten minutes later. Such a massive, ripped, handsome son of a gun. I could rabbit on about him for hours, but the simple truth is he's just a huge, dominant, powerful, Muscle Master. And he's only 23. Can't wait for him to grow, and grow, and grow, and then grow some more. SO FUCKING SEXY!!!!! Thanks Addict, you're the best!! I feel like all my Christmas wet dreams have come true ;-)

  3. If that room with the bed on the floor and his clothes on that old radiator is all GOD THILO has, I will be more than thrilled to sponsor him over here and give him a beautiful room and a lifetime membership to a gym and I'll call his room A PLACE OF WORSHIP.

  4. The Germans ! Where would we be without them? They continue to pour out quality in all their fields of endeavour.
    Thilo is so cute, and has a reasonable body to go with it (which inevitably will improve).
    May the German conveyor belt of production roll-on.

  5. Agree with every thing said above, though I'd like to take to buy some posers that show him off a bit better briefer and tighter...


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