Wednesday, 3 September 2014


If there's one thing that's been slightly lacking from the blog in the last few months, it's a decent amount of Middle Eastern muscle freaks! In an attempt to remedy that, this post features three outrageously pumped, incredibly shredded, insanely hot Iranian bodybuilders.

First up is Majid Jameh Bozorg. Not only is he a handsome devil, he's an absolute fucking TANK of a bodybuilder. Slab upon slab of thick, hard, beastly mounds of muscle, all plastered with the freakiest fucking veins. Nothing on Majid fails to impress, whether it's those solid granite hard biceps, crazy huge watermelon delts, those sliced to perfection eight pack abdominals or those dry as a bone line etched (see the side chest shot for the proof) glutes (I seriously need to see more of those glutes)!!

Next up is Khalil Asadi. I came across this guy quite recently and FUCK! A handsome bugger with a gorgeous, jaw dropping physique to boot. Big, delicious, uniquely shaped (you really couldn't mistake them for anyone else's) abs, feathered fucking quads, and an impossibly small waist complimented by those lats flaring out to a ridiculous degree with that wide upper body (complete with thick veiny biceps, crazy pumped delts and marble-to-the-touch patio slab pecs) perched on top. I usually like my guys to display a bit of attitude but I kinda love that detached, almost bored expression he seems to be wearing in every pic, like "yeah Im a ripped up, carved to the bone muscle freak and guys would queue round the block just to lay a finger on my gorgeously sliced up tummy muscles. What of it?!"

FUCK look at those abs! Like four slightly different shaped cobblestones haphazardly placed under the incredibly thin skin covering his tummy! FUCK YEAH!

Who's your buddie Khalil? Another cute, brutally pumped and beautifully shredded muscle freak!

Let's get scrunchy!!

And lastly, Mehdi Ayari, a pint sized daddy of a muscle pug. A brutally thick upper bod, gorgeously sliced ab bricks, mondo sized wheels and a big beefy arse all make up Mehdi's crazy awesome beef packed muscle bod. I love the tude to this guy too. He's just brimming with cheekiness and daddy-ish charm! WOOF!



And if you're fan of Mehdi's I *highly* recommend the below video of him onstage from a years ago, looking about ten times more sliced and shredded than he does in the pics above. FUCK! His physique here looks nothing short of fucking beautiful. The oil/tan content is also fooking ridiculous! The dude looks like he'd been dunked in a massive tan of golden tan and shiny slippery oil. SLURP! The cleaner of the venue has got one hell of a fucking job cleaning up THAT stage! The awesome, cheeky, charming tude is well in tact here too. I love those nasty most musculars he fucking SLAMS down into, squeeeeezing the fuck out of his beef. From that cocky smile on his cheeky daddy chops I'd say the big beefy bugger loves them too! Arse fans can go straight to 1:21. Look at that beefy bum meat wobbling about in those mucky tan stained posers as he waddles off the stage!

Which of these Middle Eastern muscle freaks do you like the most? Have your say in the poll below!


  1. oh brother 3 Middle Eastern muscle gods Mehdi Ayar is my fav look that big ass! wofff!
    Middle Eastern have a great genetic !
    great post

  2. MAJID JAMEH BOZORG is my choice. He has some huge awesome arms and legs that could crush a man to death! He competes at 198 pounds (90kg.), so could you imagine him in off season weight. FUCK!
    Mehdi's bronze tan is the best I've ever seen.

  3. Mojatabi Nortaki, I hope I didn't massacre his name too badly, is also very impressive.

  4. picture 2 doesnt get any better


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