Monday, 8 September 2014


Two of the best young Canadian bodybuilders in the business hit the stage this weekend at the 2014 Canadian National Championships! 22 year old Dana Baker took 4th place in the Heavyweight category. Granite hard, dry as fuck and pumped all over, Dana took to the stage in the most awesome condition, with special mention going to those brilliantly beefy biceps and shockingly shredded fucking quads! Owning the stage in a pair of shiny purple posers, Mr. Baker displayed his usual outrageously cocky (check out the cheeky tongue shot!) and power-packed tude.

23 year old Johnny Doull, meanwhile, placed 4th in the Super Heavyweights. Shredded to the bone and carved to near perfection, Johnny improved on last year's 7th place, and bought to the stage what was arguably his best package yet! Thick, rock hard, super sized biceps, a pair of fantastically feathered and jaw droppingly shredded quads, and a tight, chiseled, barely human midsection complete the most beautiful set of ripped to fuck, cheese-grater abdominals all make up Johnny's incredible, breath-taking physique! Much like his mate Dana, Johnny ripped up the stage in his characteristically cocky fashion, scrunching and snarling his way through his poses and pulling all manner of outrageously cheeky, and downright animalistic (fuck yeah!) facial expressions as he cranked, flexed and squeezed in his awesome blue posing trunks, while mind fucking every single member of the audience who were all left wondering how it's possible for one man to mould his body to such inhumanly shredded proportions!

I'll be doing a new post on Johnny soon (check out my original post of him from last year here) but for now, a post dedicated to these two awesome young Canadian bodybuilders (and future IFBB pros?) in their crazy competition conditions in and around the biggest Canadian amateur show on the calendar.

Fuck I love this shot! Both lads cheekily lifting up their shirts to reveal their granite hard, tight as fuck, beyond carved midsections! Johnny's abs looking as beautiful as ever, his sweats falling down his waist to reveal one of the straps of his posing trunks!

Flex those biceps lads! Love Johnny's intensity as he blows up those rock hard guns!

All tanned up and ready to flex! Didn't fancy wearing any pants then Johnny? Fair do's!

And some individual shots of the lads flexing on stage...

Which one of these lads do you like the most? Vote in the poll below!


  1. Dana is by far a young, gorgeous, magnificent musle stallion, but Johnny is one of my all time young, beyond the description of muscled male perfection, total lust favorites. He definitely should change his name for the mercy of us worshipping mortals to Johnny DROOL, and both young musclegods fill their posers beautifully. Great post Addict as always. Thanks.

  2. It's a hard choice to make, but I voted for Johnny. Both are in great condition because they even workout together and try to follow the same routines and diets. Here is where genetics tip the scales. I can almost feel the body heat generating from each flex. Funny they both came in fourth place in the 2014 Canadian Championships (Super Heavy and the Heavyweight)


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