Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Here are ten things a beef loving muscle addict might like about 23 year Canadian bodybuilder Johnny Doull...

1. The fact that he is nothing but thin, tight skin and granite hard, pumped to buggery, carved to perfection, dry as fuck, striation covered muscle! Johnny's jaw dropping, barely human physique is both beautiful and freaky in equal fucking measure!

2. Those deliciously pumped up, outrageously sized, rock hard fucking biceps which Johnny just fucking loves to flex and blow up to show off their incredible freaky size!

3. Those incredibly sexy and insanely handsome looks which brilliantly compliment those freaky slabs of otherworldly muscle.

4. That gorgeous set of beautifully carved out, shredded to perfection abdominals on that ultra tight, thinly skinned midsection.

5. Johnny's awesome taste in posing trunks! When he's not sporting black posers, Mr Doull is often seen in brilliantly fitted, super shiny, brightly coloured (whether bright emerald green, shiny metallic blue, or bright purple!) trunks!

6. Those crazy conditioned, super shredded, brilliantly beefy quads, which are big, thick and corded to incredible degrees!

7. The awesome, cocky, power packed attitude Johnny often adopts when he's flexing his slabs of beef and showing off his rips and shreds in his personal pictures, and (of course) onstage!

8. Those gorgeous, perfectly pumped pillow pecs which erupt in crazy striations when squeezed, pumped and flexed.

9.The fact that Mr Doull is the proud owner of a brilliantly thick, dry as a bone, striation covered ass! The lines in Johnny's cheese grater glutes are just bonkers and flat out freaky as fuck!

10. The facial expressions he pulls when he's flexing, cranking, and showing off his incredible shredded mass. Johnny loves nothing more than to cheekily scrunch and outrageously snarl his way through his poses, pulling all manner of cocky, animalistic and power-packed facial expressions. Fuck yeah Johnny!!


  1. Every picture of Johnny is just mind blowing! Those blue metallic foil posers are sooo lucky.

  2. OMFG!!!! Here CUMS JOHNNY!!!! Magnificent young god. Great post Addict.

  3. The man is a beast and awesome detail and just plain sexy muscle!!! From the back it's just damn!! And the front
    It's omg!!! More please������

  4. Yes yes yes, addict! Johnny is just seconds from EXPLODING into a globally worshipped MuscleGod. In addition to your ten amazing reasons to worship at this man's feet, I'd add:

    11. A face that's achingly handsome when he's ripped to ribbons or plus and off-season.

    12. An obsessive devotion to taking -- and sharing -- selfies of his conditioning. I feel like we're on a day by day, workout by workout quest with this man!

    13. An apparently unstoppable passion for undies, posers, and gear. This guy must have a gear dresser -- heck, a gear closet for all the adorable undies, lycra shorts, and posers he wears.


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