Saturday, 6 September 2014


I'm not quite sure what (or more likely whom!) is responsible for starting it off, but I think it's safe to say I'm officially going through a bicep phase! Big granite hard croquet ball shaped guns! Huge freaky vein encrusted peaks! Incredibly pumped thinly skin stretched beyond human biceps! Guns which erupt to heart stopping proportions when blown up into an incredible front double bicep pose. Cannons which just fucking explode either side of (and look just as fucking big as) the head of the carved out juice monkey who owns them when rocking out a cheeky abs & thighs. Biceps which tense into a ball of rock hard marble-esque bulging muscle mass and look like they're trying to pick a fight with the pec of the peeled from head to toenail mutated fucking muscle freak of an owner when blasting a massive side chest! FUCK YES!!

The below is an extract of the recent part of my "Charlie's Secret" story (click here to read the whole thing) which sees Charlie filming a competition ripped bodybuilder hitting a front double bicep in a pump room backstage at a bodybuilding show, and his (muscle obsessed) mind suddenly slips into a bit of a naughty fantasy...

He didn’t seem to want to let up from the front double bicep pose. Flexing and flexing, showing off his huge hard, ridiculously pumped guns. As I looked at his sexy little face contorting with sheer effort, I suddenly noticed tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead and cheeks. He was squeezing out every last inch of this bicep pose, and with my attention turning to those mounds of incredibly flexed, granite hard muscle, I suddenly wanted nothing more than to reach out and squeeze them.

He was clearly proud of his abnormally big biceps, and was loving every single second of showing them off to Stuart and I. What was the betting he’d love to have some hands on them, feeling, squeezing and fondling the fuck out of every single incredible inch of those massive freaky peaks? I couldn’t attend to both at the same time though, I’d probably have to have a bit of assistance. My mind then spiralled to the image of me with my mouth wrapped around his right granite hard bicep, kissing and sucking on the muscle as it bulged underneath that cling wrap skin, looking over and seeing Stuart Fox doing the exact thing with the left bicep. Two muscle mad mates worshipping the fuck out of a pint sized, tight as fuck, ripped up little muscle cutie. Locking eyes with each other and lingering for a moment, both thinking the exact same thing. “Are we in heaven mate?? I think we might just fucking be, and yep, I think I also might just splat my fucking pants at any given seco - oh - oh -  OOOOOOHFFFFFUUUUUCCKKK - oooops too late”.

And the below assorted pics of enormous biceps/massive cannons/huge fucking guns are doing absolutely NOTHING to help my bicep phase pass!!



  1. Great posting of some of my favorites. Love that Greg Doucette. Every bit of him.

  2. Love looking at those wide wide ass lats...and lots of cocky attitude

  3. Another ridiculously brilliant post matey, LOVIN those two dudes with 'tudes in pic 4, and the old bloke freaking out over those BIG guns is hilarious!

  4. yeah...gotta kind of agree in that i'm starting to get into biceps too.....i always overlooked them before for some crazy reason!!
    would love to see a post on crazy vascularity (oh yeah...that's just about every post!!) but i would especially love to see a post on sweaty muscle! bodybuilding f*ckers posing so hard on stage that sweat is dripping down their monstrous veined up bods, taking the tan and anything else that gets in it's way down with it!
    great job as always

  5. Nobody has huge, humungous, vein-engorged, cock-throbbing biceps like.........Robert Burneika!!


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