Thursday, 25 September 2014


Following on from my last post featuring Eduardo Correa at last weekend's Mr Olympia is a post dedicated to another 212 competitor (and blog favourite!) who made his Olympia debut at this year's event, which comes only two years after he turned pro!

While Eduardo took 2nd place (behind James Flex Lewis) in the 212 class, Aaron Clark just missed out on a top five placing (I personally think he deserved higher!) and had to settle for 6th. Sliced and shredded to ridiculous degrees, Mr. Clark hit the stage in the same crazy conditioning that he's bought to every show since turning pro!

Big blistering, wonky shaped abs that burst through his stomach, insanely peeled quads which reveal new rips and cuts with every fucking flex, huge boulder delts barely contained by his extra thin skin, an alien looking Christmas tree shaped lower back (FUCK!) and thick bubble butt, striation erupting glutes all help to make up Aaron's incredible and freaky physique.

I love the first shot of him getting tanned up backstage! Awesome striations peeking through his insanely thick, pumped to buggery, tan coated pec meat! One eyebrow raised like he's saying "you ready to see some freaky fucking shit"?! I also love the backstage shot of him in the grey t-shirt, which is completely incapable of hiding what a freak he is! Those beyond huge biceps stretching the material to the max, those crazy delts and meaty traps bulging underneath! He almost looks like a fucking cartoon in that shot!

And then of course, there are the incredible stage shots of him in his metallic blue posing trunks, peeled and shredded to hell and back, flexing and cranking like his life depends on it while displaying that incredibly cheeky and in-your-face fucking cocky attitude we've come to love and expect!! Fuck yeah Mr. C!!

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