Sunday, 28 September 2014


Some of the biggest, freakiest and most well loved muscle monsters took to the stage last weekend at the biggest bodybuilding event of the year, the 2014 Mr Olympia (which also celebrated it's 50th year)!

Granite hard biceps were flexed, perfectly pumped pecs were squeezed, insanely shredded quads were tensed, sliced to perfection abs were crunched, striation plastered glutes were clenched, ridiculously shiny posing trunks were worn, and endless slabs of sweat drenched, superhuman sized, vein plastered muscle mass were flexed, squeezed, popped, locked, strained and cranked in every which way possible at the biggest muscle freak show on the planet!

In the men's open class, PHIL HEATH defended his title and was crowned the champion for a fourth consecutive year. Phil has always had his share of critics, and for the past few years there have been those have said that runner up KAI GREENE should have beat him, but putting all that aside, there's no denying Phil's physique is fucking phenomenal! A genuine mountain of incredibly huge, ridiculously thick, carved beyond reason, freak show worthy muscle mass! SHAWN RHODEN was a well deserved third place competitor, while German muscle beast DENNIS WOLF, and Olympia veteran DEXTER JACKSON completed the top five.

Other highlights for me included Texan muscle daddy BRANCH WARREN who flexed his comically huge muscle mass into 6th place, competing in his usual dry as fuck, freakishly vascular, beyond grainy (Branch surely has to be the grainiest bodybuilder in the business?!) condition, Egyptian mass muscle monster MAMDOUH "BIG RAMY" ELSSBIAY who improved one place last year and took 7th, and STEVE KUCLO, who looked better than he ever has before, and whose massive delts, ripped quads, huge guns and dry glutes all helped him gain an impressive 9th place. Those awesome shiny light posers and the occasional cheeky scrunchiness Steve feels the need to indulge in are also winning points from this end!!

VICTOR MARTINEZ and JUAN MOREL completed the top ten in 7th and 9th place respectively (this being Juan's Olympia debut!), while fellow Olympia newbie JON DELARSOA had to settle for 14th. Pro veteran JOHNNIE JACKSON just missed the top ten by a spot, a brutally thick and frighteningly huge ROELLY WINKLAAR placed 12th, with FRED SMALLS just behind him in 13th place.

And completing the line up were three more bodybuilders making their Olympia debuts! Dutch bodybuilder WILLIAM BONAC, American compeititor JOJO NTIFORO and Egyptian bodybuilder IBRAHIM FAHIM (click here for my post on Ibrahim last year from when he was still an amateur), who despite his low placing still looked pretty fucking impressive! There's such an incredible fucking thickness in Ibrahim's upper body. His most musculars are particularly bonkers! Thick, rock hard, bunched up mounds of vascular muscle just exploding off his frame! The rear view of him also being amazing, with those incredibly flared lats and phenomenally wide back!

And some (amazing) backstage/pump room shots to finish...


  1. Love the backstage pics. Several I hadn't yet enjoyed!

    Phil looked good, but I think he looked better last year. Very charismatic. Dennis Wolf is my rugged German daddy fantasy. Shawn Rhoden's abs and ass are like fine bronze sculpture. You just know that Roelly Winklaar would be a ton of fun. And Steve Kuclo, I just wanna marry him right now and remind him every day why he's known as the Snake King.

  2. Great post, - thanks for sharing, especially the backstage shots... the whole accompanied as ever by your very special turn of phrase. The scripts alone are worth recording for posterity. Keep going with your very expressive and stimulating style.

  3. Must echo what "Unknown" says.... your very special turn of phrase adds to the photo impression you give us. Was there ever such a massive yet shapely - even aesthetic! line-up anywhere .... and were posers ever that small, shiny and expressive as these ?? (certainly not as well packed!!).


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