Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Following on from my last post featuring the competitors from the open class at this year's Mr Olympia, here's a look at the lads from the 212 class!

The winner of which, as hotly anticipated, was JAMES FLEX LEWIS who championed for a third consecutive year. Runner up to Flex was undoubtedly one of the most insanely conditioned guys of the show (and my personal favourite guy from the whole event!) EDUARDO CORREA (check out more pics of Eduardo at the O in my post from last week here). 3rd place went to JOSE RAYMOND, who competed in his usual dry, vascular and grainy as fuck condition but looked bigger and fuller than he has done for a while, and who was also sporting some incredibly sexy and gruffy facial fuzz. Is this Jose's first steps into muscle daddy-dom?! Whatever the case...WOOF!! HIDETA YAMAGISHI cranked and squeezed his hard, dry, shredded beef into 4th place, and competing the top five was Iranian muscle freak BAITOLLAH ABBASPOUR. I've been a massive fan of Baito's physique since I first saw him. Those thick, shredded beyond buggery quads are like something from another fucking planet!! The big blocky abs, monster sized shoulders, line plastered freakazoid glutes and big thick pecs you could balance a pint glass on never fail to fucking flaw me. I also love how his head seems to shrink during his crab most musculars! Every single granite hard, vein decorated muscle on his upper body bulging and exploding to monstrous degrees!

Just missing out of a top five placing was AARON CLARK who competed in his usual sliced and shredded condition and who surely deserved to place higher?! 7th place went to to an always incredible SAMI AL HADAD while GUY CISTERNINO squeezed all of his indecently thick, granite hard muscle mass into 8th. You've gotta love those brutal, power packed monster most musculars he loves to crank with those playfully cocky expressions (no one scrunches it like Guy)! And taking a bit of a tumble from last year's runner up spot was DAVE HENRY, who still looked both brutally thick and insanely peeled but only managed 9th place.

Completing the top ten was CHARLES DIXON, whose insatiably thick, tank-sized mass of granite hard, carved to the bone muscle he's managed to pack onto his pint-sized frame helped him to earn 10th place! Meanwhile Middle Eastern muscle freak AHMAD AHMAD crunched his breathtakingly gorgeous abs into 11th place, and American bodybuilder (and personal favourite of mine!) MARK DUGDALE took 12th. And completing the line up, Canadian muscle beast MBOYA EDWARDS in 13th place, and Spanish bodybuilder RAUL CARRASCO-JIMENEZ in 14th.

And some posedown/comparisons shots to finish!

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