Saturday, 2 August 2014


This year has seen some unbelievably hot and down right bloody awesome bodybuilders hit the stage to flex their superhuman slabs of man beef in their shit shiny, thinly strapped, minuscule posing trunks! American beasts...German hotties...Middle Eastern monsters...British mass muscle monsters...shredded amateur muscle freaks...big gruff muscle daddies...young ripped muscle cuties, and everything in between!! Here is a run down of some of the hottest and best bodybuilders of the year so far!

On another note, I've decided to take a bit of a break from the blog, so this will be the last post I publish for a while.

AARON CLARK (Has there ever been a picture of this man taken where he *isn't* displaying that hyper-aggro, in-yer-face cocky tude?! Fuck yeah Mr.C)!

MILAN SADEK (OK we seriously need to invent a new word for this lad's conditioning cause SHREDDED just doesn't cut it! Any suggestions?!)

JAMES FLEX LEWIS (Scrunch that mush and flash that tongue matie! Cheeky lil' bugger)!

CODY MONTGOMERY (CODY'S CAMERAMAN AND TRAVEL BUDDY: If you get ANY competition tan on this hotel room carpet it's coming out of *your* money dude!

CODY: Yeah yeah whatev's! Now hold that camera still and get a load o' THIS! *Scrunches that gorgeous bloody mush and fucking squeeeeeezes his beyond carved, thinly skin wrapped, alien-like physique for the camera. EEEEEEEEEEEE*)!!

ROMAN FRITZ (That's Roman spelt F-U-C-K-I-N-G-G-O-R-G-E - you get the point!)

JUSTIN COMPTON (Huge! Hard! Carved! Handsome! Niiiice fucking trunks too!)

MAMDOUH "BIG RAMY" ELSBIAY (The width of one of Ramy's quads = twice as bleedin' much as the width of both thighs on most men!!)

STEVE KUCLO (Too pretty to get a lil' bit nasty and a lot bit scrunchy?? Nah....not me fellas)!

DAVID HOFFMANN (RIPPED RIPPED RIPPED and so damn bleedin' DRY!! Nice facial scruff too Hoff...PHWOAR)!

BAITOLLAH ABBASPOUR (Yep...when this crazy ass Middle Eastern freak of nature's not arrogantly stomping his barely human quads down on the stage he's sucking in his perfectly sculpted ab blocks in the incredibly awesome and criminally underused vacuum pose like shoooooooop to bloody BRILLIANT effect)!!

JOSE RAYMOND (Yes yes I really am this dry..and veiny..and grainy..and HUGE...and...oh fuck it...I'm basically just an all out fucking insult to Mother Nature...the kind of disgustingly muscular human you only see on a magazine shelf making toddlers cry and giving old age pensioners heart attacks...the muscle monster nightmare your parents NEVER want you to bring home to dinner. Got it?)

DAVID HENRY (HOLY SHITSTICKS!! Fucking cocky! Fucking TOOD! Fucking shredded! Fucking HUGE! Thick balloons of grantite hard muscle mass stretching out beautiful silky smooth cling wrap skin! Everything so dry! Everything so carved! Mind blown! Pants about to explode! FUCKING FUCK YEEEEESSS!! P.S. I rather quite like Mr. Henry!)

ANTH "THE FREAK" BAILES (So you reckon you've earned the right to nickname yourself "The Freak" then Anth? Hmmm. I'll be the judge of that! Let's see...thick slabs of frighteningly huge muscle, all shrink wrapped in the most dangerously thin skin you can imagine, 80% of which is plastered with a splattering of the nastiest looking, craziest shaped veins meaning Anth wouldn't look too out of place on the set of a Marvel movie! Hmmm...yeah I think your nickname's just about valid mate!)

NICK TRIGILI (OK hands up who has the insatiable urge to run their tongue over Nick's thick slabs of freakishly vascular pec meat, huge skin stretched delts, massive meaty triceps and incredibly pumped biceps?!)

JON DELAROSA (The crazy quads! The deliciously sliced abs! The massive boulder shoulders! The bald butch head! And even that adorable gap toothed grin! Yep...we quite like Johnny Boy!)

MARK DUGDALE (Yes yes Mark we all know you have prefect teeth..and gorgeous looks..and hot thick abs..and massive guns. OK you can stop showing off now Mark!)

THILO KLEIN (Gorgeous! Lovely! Dreamy! Just some of the ways to describe Thilo's looks. The bod ain't half bad either)!

GUY CISTERNINO (QUESTION: What's bigger? A) Guy's quads? B) Guy's guns? C) Guy's (adorable) ears? or D) Guy's shiny red poser covered bulge? - I *always* blush a little when using that word on here!)

DENNIS WOLF (Is it a BEAST? Is it a BULL? Is it a phenomenally huge, freakishly dry, crazily carved out fucking muscle MONSTER?'s all 3 actually)!

BRANCH WARREN (aka the woofy gruffy muscle daddy supreme who also happens to be a monstrous mountain of phenomenally huge, granite hard, sand paper dry, freakishly veiny, eye poppingly grainy muscle mass)!

JUAN MOREL (As you can see Mr.Morel is a *little* bit cocky! Lord knows why. I mean it's not like he's 260lbs of criminally huge, barely human, freak show worthy muscle mass or anything. Right?)

SAMI AL HADDAD (no your eyes aren't deceiving you! This *is* in fact a picture of Sami blasting out a most muscular where he's NOT comically and outrageously opening his mouth wide or sticking out that pesky tongue of his! Still looks a cocky bugger though!)

SZYMON LADA (OK this could quite possibly be *the* cheekiest/cockiest/most down right bleedin' AWESOME vest EVER worn by a pumped up, vein splattered muscle boy. Love love love it!)

MANUEL BAUER (There is just not ONE single hair on this indecently PUMPED German muscle bull when he's ripped and carved in comp condition is there?!)

BRYAN BALZANO (Awwww...lil' Bryan B! FAR too much of an innocent - Hmmm...I'm not fooled - pretty eyed, cutie pie nice lad to EVER get cocky/scrunchy/nasty with his posing. Er....think again lads!!)

OLIVER HORY (Let's be brutally honest - if some of these bodybuilders *weren't* sporting dangerously ripped slabs of superhuman muscle and were just regular sized men we probably wouldn't look twice at them! In the case of Oliver - I'd probably break my fucking neck trying to get a second look at this fucker if he passed me on the street - with or without the thick round perfectly carved mounds of muscle exploding from his frame!)

AMIT SAPIR (Pics don't ever seem to do justice to *just* how cocky this Iranian ball of incredibly thick muscle is - you *have* to check this fucker out on YouTube! On another note, bloody loving those shiny red posers - SLURP)!

EVAN CENTOPANI (I'm sorry that's a HUMAN?? Nope! Don't believe it for a second!)

PETAR KLANCIR (Holy sweet Jesus! This Croatian dude is a frigging MONSTER!! That delt alone looks like it's about the same size as my HEAD!)

SHAWN RHODEN (I can't decide whether I like Shawn's deliciously ripped up narrow abs or those gorgeous shaped thick as shit quads the most. It's a pickle!)

PAOLO FONTANA (Usually I'm dead against bodybuilders wearing *anything* other than posing trunks but for this thick, striated, handsome Italian devil I'll make an exception!)

BEN "PACMAN" PAKULSKI (BEST pic of Pacman sticking his tongue out on stage EVER!!)

TOMAS KASPAR (OK there should be a fucking LAW against any man being *this* much of a huge ripped veiny grainy muscle tank AND being this fucking gorgeous!)

JOHNNIE JACKSON (Holy sweet moly! Where the fuck do I even BEGIN with what I love about Johnnie J?? Those rotten gorgeous looks, the incredibly cocky tood, those thick meaty pec balloons, the muscle monster biceps, and that perfectly sculpted six pack - GOD I love this lad!)

MIRCO CASSELLI (Is there a factory in Italy somewhere pumping out these ridiculously handsome, vein splattered, grainy as FUCK muscle dudes??)

MICHAEL KEFALIANOS (Is there anything NOT to love about this big, bald, nasty monstrosity of a muscle daddy?? Makes my boxers shrink EVERY fucking time!)

pint sized pocket rock of thick, pumped, ever-cute, always-scrunching superhuman BEEF!)

VLADIMIR IACOVLEV (Bleedin' gorgeous?! Soooo fucking CUTE?! So damn bleedin' pretty it hurts? couldn't possibly be talking about lil' Vladimir Iacovlev)

Two of Europe's best bodybuilders, huge, oiled and perfectly shredded, proudly showing off their Amateur Mr Europe medals! Bless 'em.

Does Sami EVER stop scrunchin'? Plus - look at the veins on Anth! FAWK!!

You may have noticed I quite like these two lads!! Roman just looks like an absolute BEAST here. So damn fucking hard and carved! Loving the wiry veins on those massive delts too!

Baito, Aaron & Guy cranking out! Aaron posing in subdued, non-expressive fashion as ever!!

I swear this image would give most small children nightmares!!

I don't know what's more awesome here. Hoff's vacuum pose, or the sweat and tan streaks cascading down Roman's shredded torso!!

The 212 boys from this year's Arnold Classic posing backstage. The guy crouching down at the front in the orange trunks is Charles Dixon - another awesome bodybuilder!

Two of Germany's finest, cranking and posing amongst mere mortals! Has Hoff EVER looked this dry??

OK who allowed Roman to put clothes on??

Four ripped muscle freaks giving everything they've got (was there a sale on blue posing trunks somewhere?!)

And just for fun...


  1. *Drools uncontrollably* check out Ben Pakulski and his horny face sticking that tongue out it is one of my favourite photos Flex lewis´tongue is very sexy too i LIKE the tongue! fucking HOT!! how about BAITOLLAH ABBASPOUR dat ASS handsome Best proportions in bodybuilding and one damn handsome man ever I choose BAITOLLAH ABBASPOUR forever

  2. Great comments (above).
    Dugdale has looks in every department.
    Balzano joins the well established line of Italian-American super beings.
    I liked Cisternino's scrunch more than Aaron Clark's - but that's just me.
    Abbaspour's shooop pose is very impressive, considering the way his quads flare out underneath.
    The line up was very good.
    Glad I could select more than one, otherwise it would have been very hard, with such a good line up.

  3. What a great lineup Addict and since I'm totally nuts for young supermen it's Thilo, Bryan, Cody, Oliver, Vlad and beyond creamed shorts, you and me are of the same page with Milan and the ultimate dream Roman. Great post as always, Thanks!!!!!!!

  4. I voted Guy Cisternino. I recently knew about him and the picture posted on here made my decision straight quick. Big and rounded muscles, a cocky attitude and a big "you know what" down there :P

    These guys just love to show off their muscles even if the audience is men mostly and some of them happen to be heterosexual. It is, for many of these guys, an ego-affirming experience and also another form of sexual stimulus. I know this for a fact ^___^

  5. I'd recommend that if you wear a size large poser, you should wear a medium size...and so on...really highlight what's hidden there.

  6. Holy Crap!! MANUEL BAUER , PETAR KLANCIR, and BRANCH WARREN my perfect bald men BEN PAKULSKI is a fucker with his crazy tongue wow!!!!

  7. Great list! The guys are all awesome, and your reasons for them making the list were well put.


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