Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Time for another muscle-packed pic collection, this one featuring the likes of Johnny Doull, who's currently prepping for the Canadian Nationals and getting more freakishly shredded and beautifully carved by the day, insanely sexy Latin-American muscle hottie Raciel Castro, phenomenally popular mass monster Big Ramy, big-haired, pretty-faced, beef-packed Santi Aragon, ridiculously handsome American meathead and now IFBB pro Nick Trigili, Australian muscle hottie Calum Von Moger, the deliciously pumped lats and incredibly striated glutes of uber-gorgeous muscle bull Justin Compton, and loads more massively pumped, crazy conditioned, brightly coloured posing trunk sporting muscle lads!

Would you call me a greedy fucker if I said I wanted to see Raciel's gorgeous abs even *more* carved and sliced?!

 So the doctors have officially confirmed it. Poor Big Ramy is suffering from something known as "Bicycle Pump Up The Arse Syndrome" whereby the victim looks like someone's shoved a bicycle pump up their bottom and just gone hell for fucking leather on the pedal, pump pump pumping the poor bugger up to ridiculous proportions until it looks like everyone single part of his body is about to go pop!

I'm not sure which of Santi's features I love more here. That cheeky gorgeous grin, those massive vein splattered delts, or that cute lil' stripy short covered bum?

I have absolutely *no* idea why every time I feature a pic of Australian bodybuilder Calum Von Moger, at least one person comments on how much they like him! Any ideas?!

OH FUCK!! WHY do we not see more of this outrageously hot mountain of beautifully carved out muscle mass?!


Fun quiz: Who do these lovely shaped, nicely carved abber dum-dums belong to?? Answer revealed further down the post....

Jesus fucking Christ! Could Mr. Trigili's arms get any more fucking PUMPED?!

HOLY FUCK! Look at those massively pumped, brutally thick, perfectly round guns!!

Hottest game of peek-a-boo ever?!

And the award for Cutest Bum With Calvins Wedged Half Down The Cheeks goes to...

OK Mr. Baker, we all know you clearly love to flex for the camera but is there *really* any need to scrunch up your lil' face like that as you crank out your poses and show off all your granite hard lad beef? What was that Dana? "No, but you're big fat gonna do it anyway"? Fair do's!

Hard dry nasty daddy alert!!

Wouldn't it have just been easier to have taken the damn clothes off?! Probably but then this pic wouldn't have been half as bonkers (or brilliant)!!

Answer to the previous mystery abber dum-dums question. The gorgeous Mr. Castro...

Room for a little one lads??

I swear one of these days Johnnie's skins gonna rip!

Massive THICK biceps, shredded little abs and cutie patootie looks to boot!!


Bryan that YOU?!
(I wonder how many of you will get that reference)?!

Look at naughty Calum sticking his tongue out! The cheeky blighter! Who knew he had it in him??

Veins, traps & teeth-a-plenty!!

Why does the image of bodybuilders wearing nothing but posing trunks *and* SOCKS do it for me so much?!

Cutest thing to flex his lil' biceps in a pair of red posing trunks EVER?!

NO idea who this chap is but FUCK he's a cutie!!

I think this roughly translates to...."ROOOOOAAAARRR"!! Is it me or does the bald guy look as if he's about to swallow the little lad whole?!

See Syzmon, this is what happens when you don't take your meds!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's gonna have to wipe up all the dark greasy tan I've accidentally dripped all over the floor of this gym (ooopsie)?!

It's Trap-a-saurus Rex!!

Cheeky! Awesome! Outrageous! Bonkers! Bloody brilliant!! Just some of the words to describe that vest (the lad wearing it's not bad either I suppose)! 

And yet another vein plastered FREAK!!

And I've never done this in one my pic collections before but I thought this video was worth sharing! IFBB pro muscle beast Juan Morel hitting some poses in the gym and looking like an absolute frigging MONSTER!! The dude is so huge it's almost comical!!


  1. Great collection Addict of some of the most breathtaking, gorgeous, muscled male specimens on earth, BUT I'll be the one, as you said that has to comment on CALUM. Could a computer design a more perfect male than Calum Von Moger. I thinks not. Great post as always Addict and the guess whos butt was a great idea with ultra great butts.

  2. Like the shots of Calum.
    When are we going to see a new selfie of the MuscleAddict?

  3. What a collection, addict! My cup (and other things) runneth over! Seriously, you could have make 3 posts of the splendor you've presented here!

    I hope Johnny Doull dominates the show he's prepping for because damn that is one fine man who's only refined his physique over the last three or so years. Go Johnny, go!


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