Monday, 25 August 2014


Calling all ass fanatics, glute junkies and bootie lovers!! Time to put your bum loving skills to good use with a game of...GUESS THOSE GLUTES!!

The rules are simple. 10 pics featuring ridiculously sized, freakishly striated, crazy conditioned glutes and your job is to guess which otherworldly shredded, pumped to buggery, brutally sized muscle freak they belong to (with a few hints to make it easier)!!

#1. FUCK look at that mondo sized ass cheek! So damn bleedin' hard and DRY, *barely* covered up by those trunkies (nice tight hammies and diamond shaped calves too)!! Spot the lines trying their damn hardest to peek through that freaky thin skin! The owner of these grainy glutes is a young Canuck cutie currently prepping for a competition and getting more carved, sliced, and LESS human looking by the day!

#2. HOLY CRAP! How many lines are in this striated to buggery bum?! I count 1..2..3..nope, I give up. There's just too many of the fuckers! Despite what you might be thinking, these freaky as shit, alien-esque glutes DO actually belong to you a human being, who also happens to be one of the hottest and most popular (under-bleedin-statement) current young bodybuilders in Europe!

#3. FUCK! Look at the size of THAT!! Those poor poor posing trunks just don't stand a fucking chance with those massive mounds of hard thick grainy ass meat do they?! Rather unsurprisingly, the American pro who owns this mammoth sized bootie and who'll be heading for the Olympia stage next month, is a bit of a beast (hmmm actually...try absolute frigging monster) himself!

#4. HUGE, cute and striated to FUCK would be the best way to describe this beautiful line plastered bootie!! Everything else on the physique of the young Polish muscle lad who owns it is just as freaky, lovely, shredded, and flat out fucking hot!!

#5. The outrageously huge, perfectly carved, young American owner of these beautifully detailed, shockingly striated, line covered glutes can't seem to keep his grubby mitts off them (who the fuck can blame him)?! Not sure what the judges will make of this cheeky behaviour when he makes his Olympia debut next month!

#6. Czech out the bonkers sized bootie blowing out the back of this incredibly sexy, well known European pro bodybuilder! Imagine tracing those insanely awesome and prominent lines in that ass cheek with your fingers!!

#7. This mystery muscle freak and well known pro American 212 bodybuilder clearly loves to show off and take shots of his insanely sliced and deliciously carved out mounds of muscle mass at home. That includes his thick as shit, underwear gobbling, bowling ball fucking GLUTES!!

#8. HOLY FUCKING FUCK!! Just LOOK at those beautifully detailed, crazy striated, lovely shaped, fantastically feathered GLUTES!! Have you ever seen such gorgeous lines on an ass before?! The (adorably cute) proud owner of this beautiful looking bootie is probably still celebrating from virtually coming out of nowhere and winning his weight class (*and* his pro card!) at last month's NPC USA's.

#9. I have to wonder whether there was actually any point in this incredibly popular and well known Egyptian muscle monster even bothering to wear those shiny blue posing trunks?! Then again, pretty much anything that comes within 2 foot of those insatiably huge, thick as shit cheeks of endless ass meat probably gets sucked right up into the crack separating them! Shooooop!

#10. These otherwordly striated, barely human, freakshow worthy GLUTES *should* be fairly easy for glute lovers to recognise! Not only are they attached to the one of the most well known and loved current 212 bdybuilders, but they also make up what is undoubtedly one of *the* hottest, freakiest, and most amazing asses in the business!

Answers to be revealed soon!!


  1. 1. ?, 2. ROMAN FRITZ 3. JUAN MOREL 4. ? 5, JUSTIN COMPTON 6. LUKAS OSLADIL 7. AARON CLARK 8. ? 9.BIG RAMI 10.FLEX LEWIS. those are my guesses. I am so thankful to you-keep these glutes coming addict _ I am a muscle glute junkie.

  2. OK!
    1.Greg Doucette
    2. Roman Fritz
    3. Juan Morel
    4. Szymon Lada
    5. Justin Compton
    6. Lukas Osladil
    7. Aaron Clark
    8. Bryan Balzano
    9. Mamdouh Elssbiay
    10. Flex Lewis

    1. 9 out of 10 right! #1 is Johnny Doull.

  3. glutes glutes glutes i love it Greg Doucette and Mamdouh Elssbiay have the best asses of all
    Flex Lewis is amazing too!!

  4. Johnny Doull? I have heard of him but haven't seen much... I may have to check him out


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