Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Last month I published a poll on the blog with various choices/ideas for posts (some of which have been posted since) and asked you to vote for your favourite one. The winner of which was a pic collection featuring some of the biggest and hottest current bodybuilders from the Middle East. In second place, however, was a pic collection of muscle selfies taken by bodybuilders and muscle guys! I wasn't sure what the outcome of the poll would be but I had a feeling that particular idea would be a popular choice! Not one to ignore what you guys like and want, I thought it was about time I published said post!

I've had the idea for this post for a while and now I'm finally getting round to doing it, I'm wondering why I haven't ever posted it before! So here goes, with a collection of nothing but camera happy bodybuilders and muscle lads taking selfies off their ripped up torsos, freakishly muscular bodies, and perfectly carved out muscle mass!


  1. Raciel raciel raciel.....oh man those massive nipples need to be worshipped!!!! This Latino is beyond beautiful . Please give us an entire post dedicated to his huge pumped up biceps, mountainous pecs, carved up abs and ...well..those nips!!!!

  2. One word cums to mind with every pic. YUM!!!!!! How about a update post on the hottest latin muscle stud out there, RACIEL. Great post Addict.

    1. I may do another Raciel post at some point!

  3. This is my favourite picture of the bunch
    Yeah baby, can't f@!king believe this.
    I think he sees what muscle lovers see.


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