Sunday, 27 July 2014


This weekend, Las Vegas played host to the 2014 NPC USA's, where Nick Trigili (who'll I'll be doing a new post on soon) won the Super-Heavyweight, and overall, and finally won his much sought after pro card. However, Nick wasn't the only one to walk away from the show as an IFBB pro bodybuilder. Pro cards were awarded to each of the weight class winners, and amongst them was 25 year old Italian American bodybuilder Bryan Balzano!

Bryan absolutely destroyed the competition in the Middleweight class, hitting the stage peeled and jacked from head to foot in the most bonkers fucking condition! Insane looking delts, perfectly carved out abs, thick corded quads, a phenomenally striated lower back (FUCK) and a pair of equally striated, lovely shaped, rock hard, fantastically feathered GLUTES (FUCKY FUCK FUUUUUCK) all made up a physique, both jaw droppingly beautiful and all out fucking FREAKY in equal measure (seriously though…THOSE FUCKING GLUTES…I can't quite catch my breathe at how incredible those things are)!!

The fact that this was Bryan's first national show, and only his second ever bodybuilding show (CRACKERS), makes the win even more impressive! And if the crazy conditioning on this new 25 year old IFBB pro wasn't enough, there *might* be another reason why Bryan has caught my attention, and unless you're in the minority of muscle lovers who turn their nose up and cry "TWINK" at any guy under the age of 30 (even those packing 175 lbs of insanely striated, freaky as fuck muscle mass on their bones!), it may just have caught yours too!

Not content with packing a beautifully shredded, freak show worthy muscle bod, I seriously think Bryan could also quite possibly be *the* cutest thing to ever climb into a pair of shiny black posing trunks!! Actually scrap that, I think Bryan could possibly be *the* cutest thing to ever climb into ANY colour or variety of posing trunks!! Lord have fucking mercy!! How is it legal for someone to be *that* painfully cute *and* have an ass so striated you could easily grate the entire contents of a cheese factory on it?!

Respect/pay due/go nuts (if the front doesn't do it for you…the back surely will…and if that doesn't, then you really have no business checking out muscle blogs!) to the latest young American bodybuilder to join the IFBB ranks…

Look at the crazy fucking detail in that brilliantly striated lower back!!

OK that could quite possibly be the most beautifully detailed ass I've ever seen! FUCK!!

QUESTION: How many of the people in this pic have a vagina?




  1. The make up of his face, leaves me in no doubt that he is exceptionally handsome. His genetics are very good (maintaining the standard of previous Italian-American bodybuilders). Considering this is only his second contest, he has produced a very professional package. With time he'll pack on more size. (Cody Montgomery watch out). Personally, I'd like to see him with bigger legs.
    MA you wasted no time in creating a post with him, a sign of true admiration on your part I'd say.

  2. Pure Muscle Worship!
    Thanks MuscleAddict for featuring this fucking hot stud!

  3. So insanely gorgeous I'm almost to weak to get wet. Besides his young (love,love,young) carved beyond carved body, perfect tan, skin like satin, the closeups of his face alone make me weak, and thank god he knows what kind of posers are befitting one of the most magnificent young gods to come along in awhile. This is why I love your post Addict, for the latest young muscled gods. Thanks, and as always, your the best.

  4. Totally agree with two previous comments...stunning face and body...that ass OMG, makes me as giddy as a little girl. Great fit on posers...holding the perfect package I'm sure. Great post.

  5. Question : who is the black man on the 3rd group photo ? Can't recall his name.
    Thanks !


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